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Sex, money, dancing, eating….and voles?

At the end of last year (2007) you may have seen reports claiming that scientists in Israel discovered the “gene for altruism.” What they actually found was that a variation in a gene called AVPR1a influences how much money students give to others in the “dictator game,” an experiment where subjects make ...

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Silly Rabbit, Spit Comes from Quids

A few years back, archaeologist Anna Dhody was thinking about how amazing it is that DNA forensic scientists can collect DNA evidence from nothing more than a discarded cigarette butt or paper cup. If there is enough DNA clinging to those modern-day objects to identify the people who used them, she reasoned, ...

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My Genome is in a Tube of Spit?

Spit has DNA? Well, not exactly. Spit has cells in it, and the cells have DNA. For everything except bacteria (and some other types of single-celled organisms), DNA is wound up tightly inside a cellular structure called the “nucleus”. It’s actually pretty amazing how well it’s packed - the DNA of a ...

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Colonists and Colon Cancer

When Mr. and Mrs. George Fry arrived in the New World nearly four centuries ago, they brought with them not just dreams of a better life, but a curse – a genetic mutation that has caused thousands of their descendants to develop cancer. Scientists reported on Wednesday that they had tracked a mutation that ...

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