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Cinco de Me-O

The typical five year-old is pretty confident, filled with energy and imagination. Maybe a little loud. Yesterday, 23andMe turned five. We’re brimming with vigor and vision. Still a little brash. Conceived with the goal of allowing people to explore their genetic information, 23andMe uses new tools ...

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Pulitzer Prize for Sequencing Story

Kathleen Gallagher and Mark Johnson are good reporters but it didn’t take a lot to figure out that the tip they got was big news. Doctors, Gallagher heard, had used genetic sequencing to crack the mystery behind an illness slowly robbing a young boy of his life. “The tip that she had was that they had ...

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“Coffee, I Must Have Coffee…”

Whether you reach for a Starbuck’s Venti — the “Big Gulp” of coffee servings — or a wee size cup of Joe in the morning, or none at all, might be influenced by your genes. Two recently published studies found an association between coffee and caffeine consumption and SNP variants near the same two genes, ...

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Studies Identify Five More Genetic Variants Associated with Alzheimer’s

Results published this week in the journal Nature Genetics identified five more genes associated with risk of developing Alzheimer’s, doubling the total number of genes known to be linked to the devastating disease. The two studies — one led by Paul Hollingworth and Julie Williams in Europe and the other by ...

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