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My Heart, My Family, and MYBPC3

By Arnab Chowdry, Senior Scientific Software Engineer at 23andMe Having been young and healthy for the majority of my life, I haven’t had many opportunities to interact with our health care system.  Not too long ago I was a sedentary, slightly-overweight, South Asian man entering my thirties.  I had some ...

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Father Knows Best

My parents aren’t world-class athletes, but in the summer of 2009 they both competed in the Senior Olympics. They were representing their home state of Wyoming, where people — much less senior athletes — are few and far between. It was at the Senior Olympics that my parents first encountered 23andMe. The ...

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Stories From 23andMe: James Larry Vick and the “Black Dutch” of Newman’s Ridge

It started innocently enough with a simple question from his daughter. “Where did our family come from?” (Image from Larry Vick's blog) For 20 years Larry Vick has been trying to answer that question. His first source was a chart drawn up by an uncle, but since then Vick has turned to old Census files, ...

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Stories From 23andMe: “I Wanted to Share My News”

Karen Durrett never expected a little spit would lead her to a father she never knew or help save her life. “I feel so blessed,” said the self-described “hippie mom” of three. “I had the chance to truly find out about my own origins and about who I am.” Karen (left) with her half-sister, who she found ...

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Stories From 23andMe: “Hey, Bro”

In May, Neil Schwartzman opened an email message from a complete stranger. “Hey,” it said. “I think you’re my brother.” Neil is one of now thousands of 23andMe users who’ve discovered family relationships they never knew they had. In June, we updated Relative Finder to make it easier to search for ...

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Try This at Home, But Only if You Must

We don't necessarily condone this kind of behavior, but 23andMe customer Andrew Meyer has challenged the world to a spitting contest. In this video on his blog, BUZZYEAH, Andrew produces the 2.5 milliliter (about a half-teaspoon) saliva sample required by 23andMe in 146 seconds. He claims this is a world ...

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