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New Asthma Study Findings

Sorting through hundreds of genetic risk variants for asthma, Australian scientists — with input and data from researchers at 23andMe — have identified an association between asthma and the expression of four genes, a finding that could aid efforts for treating the chronic disease that impacts an estimated ...

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The Bad News on Good News

In the latest in a series of studies by researchers looking at the impact of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, investigators found that people’s perception of risk was changed much more by a genetic test that showed a decreased risk versus one that reported an increased risk. “You see a much bigger ...

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Important Goal Reached for IBD Study

In an important milestone for research, 23andMe has enrolled 10,000 people to participate in a study focused on understanding the role genetics plays in the onset and progression of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In collaboration with Pfizer, Inc, 23andMe’s IBD Study is unique in its size, and its use of ...

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Reinventing The Way We See Family

I love family. Modern families. Blended families. Adopted families. And, DNA families. Over the last ten years, I’ve seen the ancestry part of our genetic service change lives. Every day I watch people connect with their DNA family, and see how the concept of family can evolve into something greater — ...

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Genetic Association Found for the Efficacy of A Popular Antidepressant

A new study has found a genetic variant associated with whether a commonly prescribed antidepressant is effective. In a recently published paper, scientists from Janssen Research & Development and 23andMe report finding a genetic association for the efficacy of the drug bupropion — marketed for ...

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