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Sibling Rivalry

There’s nature and nurture and then there’s all that bickering — or lack of it — with our brothers or sisters. Birth order, and the family dynamic between siblings — or whether or not you have siblings — plays a role in determining who we become as people. So in honor of National Sibling Day, which ...

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Happy DNA Day

To mark another DNA Day, 23andMe decided this year to take a look back, not just of some milestones in modern genetic science, but also our own company’s history. What’s telling is the fevered pace of discovery just in the last decade. The day was meant to be a dual celebration of not just the discovery ...

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Citizen Scientist

Along with having some very talented scientists and engineers on staff, 23andMe is lucky to have some customers who are equally accomplished. One of those is Dr. Ann Turner, a 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador and physician. Ann was recently listed as a co-author on a paper published by researchers from the ...

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Parkinson’s Research Challenges

Things aren’t always as they seem with Parkinson’s disease with one recent study showing as many as half those diagnosed with the disease don’t have it, according Dr. J. William Langston. At a recent visit to 23andMe, Langston, a pioneering Parkinson’s researcher as well as the founder and chief science ...

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An Interview With Paul Cannon

We're re-posting an interview that the Michael J. Fox Foundation did with our very own Paul Cannon, PhD, 23andMe's Parkinson's Research Community manager. April is Parkinson's Awareness Month and this is a nice way to kick it off. Genetic testing company 23andMe made headlines recently with announcements ...

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Again With The Dress

We received a lot of comments and questions about 23andMe’s research regarding why people saw different colors when looking at the same striped dress. According to our findings the biggest factor in why people saw either blue and black or white and gold, was age. Not everyone saw things so clearly one way ...

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