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Ali and Parkinson’s

In his last fight— the one against Parkinson’s — Muhammad Ali went the distance finally succumbing in early June to complications from a respiratory problem. He was 74. In the more than 30 years since Ali was first diagnosed, our understanding of Parkinson’s has changed enormously and yet there is still ...

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Designing the New 23andMe Homepage

A Personalized Guide to the Incredible You By Scott Andress, Director of Product Design at 23andMe Your 23andMe results have arrived. The day you’ve been waiting for is here. It’s the culmination of curiosity, mystery – even trepidation. What will you find out about yourself and your family? The answers ...

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New Genetic Associations Found for Migraines

In the largest-ever genetic study of migraines, a group of scientists led by researchers at Harvard and at the Broad Institute found dozens of new genetic variants associated with these sometimes debilitating headaches that are estimated to affect as many as a billion people worldwide. Along with ...

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Happy Father’s Day

Over the years we've been lucky enough to hear from customers who've used 23andMe to connect with their dads. Some of them simply shared their results to see the kinds of traits they shared with the fathers. But several customers, mostly adoptees, have been able to use 23andMe to find their biological ...

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Planning Ahead

There’s a time when all of us settle down, but Robert isn’t there quite yet. He’s 29, single and has a good job as an architect. He’s in no rush, but all the same that hasn’t stopped him from at least thinking about his future and what comes next. In part that’s why he tested with 23andMe. “I was ...

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