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Own Your Data: A Right and Responsibility for Better Health

“Citizens worldwide have too long a history of being passive players in health care -- blindly following instructions from providers.” The quote above, taken from a Nature Comment published yesterday by John Wilbanks and Eric Topol, encapsulates my motivation for co-founding 23andMe a little over 10 years ...

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A Lucky Man

By Jonathan Fischer My name is Jonathan Fischer. I was adopted shortly after birth in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Not knowing more than where I was born, I always wondered about my origins and who my parents were. But I was also afraid about what I might find out, so for years I did nothing. Then not too long ...

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New Genetic Associations Found for Common Skin Cancer

Using data from 23andMe, researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found new genetic variants associated with one of the most common forms of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. In a study published in Nature Communications researchers were able to single out entirely new variants ...

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23andMe Launches New Genotyping Services for Research

Offering scientists the ability to use our unique research platform for discovery, 23andMe launched a new Genotyping Services for Research (GSR). The new platform gives researchers, who would recruit their own research participants, an end-to-end service that incorporates genetic information into their ...

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Ali and Parkinson’s

In his last fight— the one against Parkinson’s — Muhammad Ali went the distance finally succumbing in early June to complications from a respiratory problem. He was 74. In the more than 30 years since Ali was first diagnosed, our understanding of Parkinson’s has changed enormously and yet there is still ...

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New Genetic Associations Found for Migraines

In the largest-ever genetic study of migraines, a group of scientists led by researchers at Harvard and at the Broad Institute found dozens of new genetic variants associated with these sometimes debilitating headaches that are estimated to affect as many as a billion people worldwide. Along with ...

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