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Chew on This

After reading a recent Slate piece, we thought it might be worth taking one more bite at Misophonia. It’s one of those conditions that you might not know is a condition, even if you have it. Misophonia — from the Greek word meaning hatred of sound — is characterized by feelings of rage triggered by ...

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Haplogroups Explained

By Thomas Le Many 23andMe customers that contact Customer Care are confused by their haplogroup assignments and what they actually mean. But knowing your haplogroup, and how you can use it, can give you much more clarity about your own ancestry. So in the interest of helping you out, I’ll walk through ...

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Lupus and IBD Research Partnerships

Over the last year 23andMe has launched two research initiatives with Pfizer, one to study inflammatory bowel disease and the other to study lupus. We’re pretty optimistic about the work done so far as we continue to recruit patients to participate in these two important research projects, so it’s nice to ...

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A New Model for Discerning Parkinson’s

A team of researchers has developed a simple and non-invasive approach that uses genetic data in combination with other demographic and biomarker information to accurately distinguish those with and without Parkinson’s disease, an illness that is notoriously difficult to detect. In a study published this ...

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