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Hacking Away at Health and Ancestry

For fans of HBO’s hit show Silicon Valley, you may be familiar with this formula for innovation — put a bunch of smart people together in a room and give them 48 hours, with the freedom to pursue their own ideas, and raise the stakes with a little friendly competition. This formula is known as a ...

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23andMe’s CEO Featured On The Today Show

As part of a series on cutting edge women, The Today Show featured Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe's CEO and co-founder. The NBC crew followed Anne as she hustled through a typical day, juggling family life, and work meetings. The crew also got a glimpse of 23andMe's Therapeutics lab, and sat down with her to talk ...

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Find Us At ASHG

Attending the annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting in Vancouver next week? We'd love to hear from you! Attend our talks, come by our posters, and find us at our booth. The 23andMe research team has a full slate of presentations and posters at ASHG this year. Wednesday, Oct 19 TALK 11:30am ...

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The African Genetics Project

To enhance its research and enrich its customer experience, 23andMe is launching the  African Genetics Project, recruiting people who emigrated from, or whose parents emigrated from several specific countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is the birthplace of all humanity, and its people are the most ...

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People Eager to Participate in Nevada Health Study

If you’d like to know whether people want access to their genetic information and will participate in research, just go to Nevada. Gov. Brian Sandoval was one of the first to sign up, and in less than a day more 5,000 of his fellow “Silver State” residents joined him to be part of an  innovative population ...

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23andMe Scientists To Present New Findings

23andMe scientists will be at the annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting in Vancouver this month sharing a wide spectrum of interesting data that includes more on the genetics of Parkinson’s disease, promising new methods for drug discovery, and even some fun findings around traits like nail biting ...

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