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The Future of Health Care

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe's CEO and co-founder, spoke recently with Kai Ryssdal, the host and senior editor at Marketplace, about the company, genetics, and the future of health care. It's a good overview of some of what we've been doing lately here at 23andMe. Anne takes time to explain some of 23andMe's ...

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I’m Simone

While 23andMe can inform you about your ancestry, that information doesn’t define you, as has been so eloquently written about by Jesmyn Ward in the New Yorker, and by Simone Kitchens in her story that first appeared in Glamour. Both Jesmyn and Simone write about being multiracial and the difficulty of ...

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Virtual Doctor’s Visit For Parkinson’s Patients

A new study involving participants in 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Disease Community, offers hope for the future of telemedicine and the ability of clinicians to quickly and accurately assess and recruit patients for research and clinical trials. This is particularly good news for patients far removed from ...

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Consider the cow, and this humble herbivore’s contribution to the human story. We’re not just talking burgers and ice cream, archeological evidence suggests that cows were likely first domesticated from aurochs (extinct wild oxen) as long as 11,000 years ago when farmers used their milk to make cheese and ...

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More Alike Than Different

The twins Greg and Alex Abbas were always really good in math and science. They sounded exactly alike on the phone. They could each play the piano, and they both became Eagle Scouts. “We’ve always been more alike than different,” said Greg, a software engineering manager at Apple Inc. In high school ...

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Power of One Million

23andMe genotyped our one millionth customer last week. Today we celebrate one million customers: #PowerOf1Million. However, one million is more than a number. It’s a turning point. There are now one million people driving change. People are taking control of their data. People are taking ownership of ...

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