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Nobody’s Perfect

Everybody makes mistakes, and that goes all the way down to the molecular level. This week, three scientists working on their own over the last four decades were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their contributions to our understanding of how those mistakes happen and how our cells repair the ...

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Patients Perspective on Parkinson’s Disease

As federal regulators listened, patients told them of their symptoms — the sleepless nights, the days with uncontrollable tremors or the little struggles simply maintaining their balance. Some of those with Parkinson’s who spoke at the special U.S. Food and Drug Administration meeting in late ...

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A Reference of Human Genetic Variation

One of 23andMe’s newest scientists, Adam Auton, had his first day on Monday, and by Wednesday had two new papers on human genetic variation published in the journal Nature. Not a bad first week of work. “It’s been a busy few days,” Adam said. The research on the papers was not done at 23andMe, of ...

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New Findings On Female Infertility

New research by scientists at the University of Cambridge and ten other institutions, including 23andMe, has uncovered half-a-dozen genetic variants associated with polycystic ovary syndrome, the most common reproductive disorder in women and a common cause of infertility. Published this week in the ...

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Live Long And Prosper

We all measure our age in years, but results of a study lead by researchers at Kings College in London found what may be a better measurement of age — your genes. Using RNA-profiling to measure and compare gene expression in thousands of tissue samples, the researchers were able to develop what amounts ...

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DNA Testing Helps Amnesiac

A Florida amnesiac has finally figured out his identity with a lot of help from strangers, genetic genealogist CeCe Moore and DNA testing. Benjaman Kyle, who was found beaten and semi-conscious behind a south Georgia Burger King 11 years ago, has spent the last several years in Jacksonville Florida, ...

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