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Pictures of Lilly: Introducing the 23andMe Win Your Genome Contest

This woman shares 99.5% of her DNA with Lilly Mendel. Team 23andMe likes games – Wii tennis and Segway polo are big here. So are friendly wagers over a new employee's ACTN3 genotype, or whether a given Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation will converge during our lifetimes. So in the spirit of friendly ...

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23andMe at Stanford Cool Product Expo

Last week 23andMe participated in the Stanford Cool Product Expo, sponsored by Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. We were pleased to meet a steady stream of curious visitors to our corner booth, which was situated between the manufacturer of a bike you pedal like an elliptical trainer and a ...

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DNA Day Events

DNA Day is being celebrated around the country on April 25, one week from Friday! To help you participate, we've compiled a list of DNA Day happenings. Drop us a line if you know of any we’ve missed. Chat Online with a Geneticist The National Human Genome Research Institute will host an online chat room ...

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Fun Activities for DNA Day…Or Any Day!

DNA Day is less that three weeks away. Here are a few activities you can do with kids (and adults!) of all ages to celebrate on April 25. If you have some other ideas, please let us know! (Note: These links will take you to websites outside the domain of The Spittoon. 23andMe is not responsible for their ...

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DNA Day Essay Contest

DNA Day -- April 25th -- is only 65 days away! To help celebrate the occasion, the American Society of Human Genetics, Applied Biosystems, and the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology are sponsoring an essay contest for middle school and high school students. First place winners in each category will ...

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