Holiday Sale Extended Through Christmas!

The holidays just got a bit happier. Our holiday sale price of $99 plus a 12-month subscription to our Personal Genome Service for just $5 per month will now be available through Christmas day (12/25/2010). Be sure to place your order by Wednesday, December 15th if you want to receive your DNA testing kits in time for holiday gift-giving!

For questions, please see answers to frequently asked questions about our Personal Genome Service, or contact our customer service team.

  • JNay

    Just give us the 99.00 deal with no subscription and I’m there for 5 orders. Still can’t afford the 160.00.

    • Shwu

      Hi JNay,

      We realize that $99 is more consumer-friendly than $159 but a flat $99 price is not possible for us at this time. The subscription model, however, allows us to offer the service at the more accessible price up front ($99). We will continue evaluating this and other pricing models going forward.

  • Shannon

    This is for the combined health & ancestry DNA test, correct?

    • Shwu

      Hi Shannon,

      Yes, there is only one combined product at this time, which includes both health and ancestry features.

  • CelticAlpine

    Good luck with the new microarray v3 chip = over 1,000,000 SNP
    I’m happy with the price of $ 99.- … great thanks 23andMe!

  • Nathaniel Street

    I’m interested in this but also want to know if I can get access to the raw data as well as the reports that would be available via the website.

    • Shwu

      Hi Nathaniel,

      Yes, you would have access to your raw data and would be able to download it anytime!

  • LDC

    I’m so happy to see this sale extended!! We weren’t able to purchase our kits because we were away this weekend but now we will be able to!! YAY!

    For the 12-month subscription – do you have to pay for the whole 12-months at once or can you pay $5 monthly for 12 months? I hope it is the latter as the whole amount at once will probably be cost-prohibitive for us…

    • Shwu

      Hi LDC,

      Glad you are able to take advantage of the sale! The subscription fee will be billed monthly, starting when you receive your data. There may be other payment options in the future, but this is how it is set up currently.

  • George

    This deal is awesome, thank you! I am just wondering what will happen if I stop the subscription after the first year? Will I loose access to my data all together or something else will happen?

  • Pat

    Found your website last week Wednesday, via Google search, and was very interested in the $99 sale.
    Had planned on purchasing 2 (myself and my wife) but did not realize the sale ended on Christmas (planned purchase date was today, once back in the office).
    If I could get that pricing, would buy two today and pay yearly subscription up front (if that’s an option). Any chance of that? thanks.

  • E-beth

    I’m a little upset. I thought as a current customer that I would get an e-mail notice when the kits went on sale. Now I find out that I’ve missed it. ARGH!

  • Anna

    Hi! I have a question. Is there going to be any sale in April for DNA-day? Thanks!

    • Shwu

      Hi Anna,

      We don’t have any information on that at the moment. Feel free to follow us on Twitter or contact customer service ([email protected]) to be put on a sales alert list!

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