Get Just the Information You Want: 23andMe To Offer Separate Health and Ancestry Editions


Some people want to know everything their genetics can tell them, while others are interested in only part of the story.  That’s why starting next week, on Thursday November 19th , we will begin offering our service as two distinct products to better meet the needs of our customers:  The 23andMe Ancestry Edition and The 23andMe Health Edition.  If you are interested in both the ancestry and the health aspects of your genetics, you’ll have the option of purchasing the combined 23andMe Complete Edition.

Prices for all versions of the 23andMe Editions will be changing November 19th, but if you act quickly you can get our Personal Genome Service, which will automatically be converted to the Complete Edition, for the lower price of $399.

23andMe Ancestry Edition – $399

23andMe has always offered the most comprehensive look at your DNA ancestry.  With the 23andMe Ancestry Edition we will continue to provide maternal, paternal and autosomal ancestry information, but we’ll also be adding an exciting new feature: Relative Finder.  This innovative tool will allow you to grow your family tree like never before, and discover relatives you never knew you had.

The Relative Finder algorithm compares your SNPs to those of other 23andMe customers.  Using the frequency and length of shared DNA segments, we calculate whether there is a possible relationship between two people. What you’ll see is a list of these potential relatives (with their identity and yours kept anonymous) who you can then directly and anonymously contact.  Some of our early testers have already found new relatives and identified the great-great-great-great-great grandparent that they have in common!

To complement Relative Finder we’ll also be launching a new ancestry lab feature, Family Inheritance: Advanced.  This tool will allow you to look at your Relative Finder matches in more detail and trace segments of DNA across multiple generations.

Raw data browsing and download will be available only for Y and mitochondrial SNPs for customers who purchase the 23andMe Ancestry Edition.

23andMe Health Edition – $429

With 23andMe, you can use your DNA to help you plan for the important things in life.  We give you access to information on genetic variations and mutations that may influence your risk for various conditions, report carrier status for inherited diseases, or affect how you react to certain medications.

With the launch of the 23andMe Health Edition we are releasing 13 new carrier status reports.   These reports will help you know more about what may be in store for the next generation.  We are expanding our cystic fibrosis panel report to cover the full panel of mutations recommended by the American College of Medical Genetics, as well as several additional mutations.  We will also be providing data for most of the mutations routinely screened for in the Ashkenazi Jewish population, including those associated with Tay-Sachs disease, Canavan disease and Bloom’s syndrome.

We are also continuing to expand our drug response offerings.  The next report to come out, Pseudocholinesterase Deficiency, contains information for anyone who will be undergoing surgery.

23andMe’s scientists are constantly sifting through the scientific literature, adding to existing articles and creating new reports as genetic research advances.  Customers who purchase the Health Edition will have access to these regular updates.

Raw data access will not be available to customers who purchase the 23andMe Health Edition.

23andMe Complete Edition – $499

If you’re interested in seeing all your DNA has to offer, you can purchase the 23andMe Complete Edition.  You’ll get all the features of both the Health and Ancestry Editions, along with the ability to browse and download all of your genetic information.  This means you’ll be able to see what your data means in the context of the latest in genetic research through our regular SNPwatch posts here in The Spittoon.

Start with Health or Ancestry, Upgrade Later

You can always buy one version, either the Health or Ancestry Edition, and upgrade to the Complete Edition at a later date.  You won’t even need to spit again!

Upgrading from the Health Edition will cost $100.  Upgrading from the Ancestry Edition will cost $150.

Buy Now Before the Price Goes Up!

If you are a current customer, your account will be converted to the Complete Edition automatically.  Customers who purchase 23andMe’s Personal Genome Service before November 19th for the current price of $399 will also automatically have their accounts converted to the 23andMe Complete Edition after that date — a savings of $100.  If you purchase now, you can also save $25 on each kit you buy when you buy two or more at full price.

  • Gerald Cohen

    I am interested in a health map and would like to know what is the current cost.

    I am 68 and this looks like a very interesting bit of information to know about as well as may in fact be helpful to me .

    I would like to know the procedure and what I get from you.

    Thanks Gerry Cohen

    • ScottH

      Mr. Cohen,
      There is just one price $99. Please go to our website to find out about everything that we report on. Thanks.

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