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Researchers Find Biological Basis For Crohn’s Association

Just about every week a new genome-wide association study links common variations in the genome to some disease. But only rarely do the authors of these studies have more than a guess of why these SNPs are associated with a particular condition. On Sunday in the online edition of Nature Genetics, ...

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The Ultimate Trade-off: Genes, Environment, and Why We Crave Twinkies

Last week in the Spittoon we reported on a new study that identified an interesting genetic trade-off — a genetic variant known that has one effect on a person's vulnerability to malaria, and the opposite on susceptibility to HIV infection. The "Duffy negative" version of the gene, which is common among ...

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Why Ancestry Makes a Difference

Those of you who have delved into our Gene Journal (now called Health and Traits) feature may have noticed that many of the traits only give genetic data “assuming European ethnicity”. Why is that? It certainly isn’t because people with African or Asian ancestry aren’t susceptible to heart attacks or ...

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