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Tools For Genetic Genealogists

This past weekend, 23andMe’s Joanna Mountain and Christine Moschella, attended the 2014 Institute for Genetic Genealogy Conference at the National 4H Center just outside Washington, DC. The conference offered a great opportunity to connect again with genetic genealogists and learn from other experts in the ...

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A Day For Family History And DNA

With participation by 23andMe and the three other major companies involved in DNA testing for ancestry, as well as talks from some of the most respected names in the field, it’s no wonder organizers are predicting the June 6th “Family History and DNA” conference in Burbank will sell out. The event, planned ...

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23andMe’s Ancestry Composition Driving Circles Around the Rest

December was a busy month for 23andMe and in the midst of the hubbub we put out Ancestry Composition, an amazing feature that gives finer detail of an individual’s heritage going back generations. Since its release we’ve heard some great feedback saying the feature has set a new standard in the industry. ...

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