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Haplogroups Explained

By Thomas Le Many 23andMe customers that contact Customer Care are confused by their haplogroup assignments and what they actually mean. But knowing your haplogroup, and how you can use it, can give you much more clarity about your own ancestry. So in the interest of helping you out, I’ll walk through ...

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23 pairs of Chromosomes, One Unique You.

By Lindsay Grove Whether you ordered 23andMe to learn more about your ancestry, or to participate in research, or to connect with relatives, every 23andMe customer can learn something about what makes them unique. Lindsay Grove Job: Ancestry, accounts and registration specialist on the Customer Care ...

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What’s Your Type?

By Danielle Hayes We are all unique, and knowing our genotypes at specific places in our genomes may give each of us a better understanding as to why. Danielle Hayes Job: Health, raw data, research and sample processing specialist on the Customer Care Team From: Missoula, Montana Education: BS, ...

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All About that Base (Pair): The Significance of your Genotypes

By Clare Raczkowski I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you don’t have a gene for being tall, or a gene for caffeine addiction or a gene for intelligence. No one does. In an effort to simplify the science, the media sometimes talks about genetics and the influence of genes in these terms. But there is not ...

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A Father’s Day Ode to the Y-Chromosome

By Cameron Kruse Around this time every year we turn our attention toward the patriarchs of our respective families and collectively ask: “What should we get dad for father’s day?” Today, I want to step back and ask just the opposite: “Genetically, what do we get from dad?” As a customer care ...

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Three Degrees of 23andMe

23andMe's Shawna, who has a degree in biological sciences focusing her studies on genetics, put together this video and post that illustrates the interconnectedness between all people. Enjoy. We hope it inspires your own journey through your DNA. By Shawna, Customer Care Representative at ...

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