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Why Wait?

On your own quest for good health, you don’t have to shoulder through a 1,500-meter swim in the Hudson River, or bike 40 kilometers through Manhattan, or run for almost an hour through Central Park. But you’re not Willie Sanchez. For him, training to compete in the New York City Triathlon sounded like the ...

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The Power of Knowing

Ignorance isn’t always bliss and what you don’t know really can hurt you, or so Jennifer Goldstein has learned. If she hadn’t tested she might never have seen her doctor; never would have asked the right questions; never taken the action she needed to keep herself healthy. “But for the test I’d have ...

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Learning About My Risk For Iron Overload

Bethann is a Health Content Scientist at 23andMe and regular contributor to the Spittoon. The following is her story about finding out she has a genetic condition that puts her at risk for iron overload. When I received my 23andMe results my initial reaction was that of relief and curiosity — only slightly ...

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Battling Against A Common Genetic Disease

It’s the most common genetic disorder in the United States, but Milo Sharp had never heard of it before. The disorder, hemochromatosis, causes iron overload. Undiagnosed it can lead to a build up of iron in the body, particularly in the liver. This, in turn, can lead to serious health problems. In the ...

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Stories From 23andMe: “I Wanted to Share My News”

Karen Durrett never expected a little spit would lead her to a father she never knew or help save her life. “I feel so blessed,” said the self-described “hippie mom” of three. “I had the chance to truly find out about my own origins and about who I am.” Karen (left) with her half-sister, who she found ...

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Stories From 23andMe: “Hey, Bro”

In May, Neil Schwartzman opened an email message from a complete stranger. “Hey,” it said. “I think you’re my brother.” Neil is one of now thousands of 23andMe users who’ve discovered family relationships they never knew they had. In June, we updated Relative Finder to make it easier to search for ...

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