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Amy’s Story

Amy’s story begins: “Once upon a dime…” And then, as she says, “It just gets weirder.” Amy, a writer and director of a small library in an Alaskan fishing village, always knew she’d been adopted. That wasn’t news. But her birth story certainly was. Amy came into this world on November 16, 1964. Mr. ...

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Connecting With The Past

Editor's note: Alice dropped us a line to update us on her story. "23andme has helped me AGAIN with my ongoing search! If you'll remember I'm adopted and found my bio mom via information I got from the 23andme test - but when I found my bio dad, it turns out HE was adopted too! Now I am on the trail of my ...

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Strangers and Relations

The New Yorker recently described the artist Laurel Nakadate as an “unpredictable, sometimes infuriating young photographer.” Perhaps. But whatever description you use, the images she creates are singularly arresting. In her latest series of portraits — called “Strangers and Relations”  — she turned to ...

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Sisters Connect with 23andMe

Greta had given up on ever finding her mother. From her adoption papers she had a name, Carolyn Palmer, but decades of searching never got her any closer to finding the woman who gave birth to her, or any other blood relative for that matter. “My missing family history amounted to a million missing ...

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A New Look at 23andMe

23andMe has a new design for our website. We’d like you to take a peek. With input from our customers, we created a cleaner and more personalized layout that highlights some of the features you know and love, and adds a few new ones to boot. While customers still have access to the same breadth of ...

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