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It’s a Girl

When Kelli read the message, she froze thinking that her next move would likely change her life forever. It was a note from a fellow 23andMe customer, who’d been identified as a second cousin. She had sent Kelli a message asking to share family information. The cousin — who Kelli never knew before — ...

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An Extraordinary Turn

Jeremy Kuykendall grew up in Texas, went to college there and settled down. He has a good job, is happily married and has two daughters. His life is pretty normal. “I’m just a middle class family man,” said the 38 year-old IT worker. But the regular trajectory of Jeremy’s life took an extraordinary turn ...

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Who Would Believe It?

If he hadn't known his story was true, Phil Silvers said even he would have been skeptical. “Who would believe it?” said Phil, a 72 year-old retired middle school social studies teacher in New York City. “If they put something like this in a television show no one would think something like this ...

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A Siblings Story From 23andMe

Anyone with a brother or sister doesn’t need a national holiday to remind them how special bonds between siblings can be, but in recognition of National Sibling Day we bring you another in a long list of stories of siblings who found each other through 23andMe. Tricia had a few details, but never enough to ...

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23andMe Helps Brother And Sister Connect

Leslie grew up with a family secret — somewhere out there she had a big brother named Michael, her father’s illegitimate son from before he married her mother. As a child, Leslie made this mysterious brother her imaginary friend. And as she grew older, she became determined that one day, she would find ...

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Lost Girls

In the best children’s stories the parents are done away with early on. Mom or dad — sometimes both of them — are dead and gone even before the opening “once upon a time.” It’s a plot device that helps the reader make an emotional connection with the characters. It also starts the arch of the ...

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