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Back-to-School: Genetics 101 Quiz Results

Okay students, pencils down! A week ago Friday we posted the second in a three-part series of educational courses for back-to-school season. The entries are now in. You can see how you did by comparing with the correct answers below. Also, a special congratulations goes out to Damien Marsic for being ...

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Genetics 101 Quiz Extended

Attention all students! We're extending the Genetics 101 quiz through Sunday, September 16th to give everyone plenty of time to brush up on their genetics and earn a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card! If you already filled out the quiz and weren’t prompted to enter your name and email address (or you ...

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Back-to-School: Genetics 101

Our Hero Gregor Mendel, an Austrian monk and biologist, worked out the pattern of inheritance of various traits. He showed that a “dominant” trait is one that always shows up in offspring while a “recessive” trait is one that is masked by a dominant gene. Update: If you took this quiz before 10 a.m. PST on ...

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DNA Day: Educate and Celebrate

  We at 23andMe have a special place in our hearts for today, National DNA Day. There are many ways to celebrate this special science holiday, ranging from making DNA-themed bracelets to constructing helical origami, but we think one of the best ways is to learn something new about DNA and, in the ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: Sheridan’s Got Relatives

We’ve been following Sheridan’s* journey through the ancestry features at 23andMe over the last few weeks. Because she was adopted with no record of her biological parents, every piece of information has been eye-opening for her. So far, she’s learned that her maternal haplogroup is H2a, meaning that her ...

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Human Prehistory 101: The Newest Video Series from 23andMe!

When 23andMe launched last November, we set out to make genetics accessible to everyone – not just the experts.  So we created a series of education videos called Genetics 101. These videos educated viewers on the basics of genetics:  What is a gene, what is a SNP, how genes are inherited from generation to ...

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