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Announcing 23andMe’s First Patent

[Ed: A clarifying addendum has been added to the end of this post. - 6/01/12] 23andMe has a substantial research arm with more than 20 scientists dedicated to making meaningful discoveries that will improve the lives of all of us.  We’ve made a number of discoveries that we’ve published in peer reviewed ...

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Michael J. Fox, Our Big-Time Hero

Todd Sherer, CEO of the Michael J. Fox Foundation, with Michael J. Fox and Anne Wojcicki Michael J. Fox is a great actor, but his smiles and good humor during a visit to 23andMe headquarters in Mountain View this week were fully sincere. “I really mean what I say when I express optimism, positivity and ...

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The State of the Science of Parkinson’s Research

Recently, Todd Sherer, CEO of The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF), Brian Fiske, vice president of research programs at MJFF, and Emily Drabant, 23andMe’s research manager for its Parkinson’s community, sat down and took stock of the recent advances in Parkinson’s research. Their conversation centered ...

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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

During Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’ll be highlighting promising research and new findings in the fight against Parkinson’s. Along the way we hope to boost enrollment in 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community past 7,500 people, getting us that much closer to our ultimate goal of 10,000 people in the ...

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23andMe Parkinson’s Research Initiative Progress Update

By Nick Eriksson, 23andMe Principal Scientist, and Lizzie Dorfman, Parkinson's Research Project Manager Less than a year ago we announced the launch of the 23andMe Parkinson’s Research Initiative. Since then, we have built one of the world's most useful resources for studying the genetics of Parkinson's ...

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On Our Way to 10,000: 23andMe Welcomes First Members of Parkinson’s Disease Community

We've set out to build the world's largest online PD genetics community, and we're thrilled to report that more than 2,000 people have enrolled since the initiative was launched last month. Owing to tremendous support from The Parkinson's Institute and Clinical Center and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, their ...

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