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Very Personalized Medicine: Genome Sequencing Reveals Mutations Behind One Woman’s Cancer

Understanding the genetic changes that lead to different cancers is key to more effective diagnosis and treatment of the disease. And thanks to the availability of faster, cheaper genome sequencing technologies, researchers are now able to peer more deeply into the DNA of cancer cells than ever ...

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The World in a Pipette: Two Studies Look at Human DNA Diversity

If you take two members of the human race at random and ask how much their genomes differ, you'll get a surprising answer: they're almost identical. On average, for every 1,000 DNA bases you have, 999 or so of them are exactly the same between you and your neighbor – and for that matter, between you and ...

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Nature Genetics Editorial: When Customers Become Collaborators

An editorial in the February issue of Nature Genetics makes a number of excellent points about the potential that personal genomics services such as 23andMe have to directly engage the public in research, not just as subjects but as collaborators. 23andMe was founded in part to harness the natural ...

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