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Hello Cousin

Scientists have unearthed a trove of bones in a South African cave belonging to a previously unidentified early human relative. Found in the “Rising Star Cave,” the new species has been dubbed homo naledi — naledi is the Sosetho word for star — and fills in more detail about the story of human ...

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Meeting At the Crossroads

A skull found in a previously undisturbed cave in Israel may hold important new evidence not just about when modern humans migrated out of Africa, but also when and where they crossed paths and may have mixed with our ancient cousins, the Neanderthals, according to a paper published last month by scientists ...

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Dem Bones

Svante Pääbo and his team in Leipzig are up to it again, sequencing a 45,000 year-old leg bone found on a riverban in Siberia and revealing more detail about interbreeding between modern humans and our early human cousins, the Neanderthals. No stranger to extracting ancient DNA, Pääbo, the director of ...

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Neanderthal Fade Away

Neanderthals, our ancient cousins whose DNA is still found in traces in modern humans, faded away in Europe about 10,000 years earlier than scientists once thought, according to a new study by researchers at Oxford. Using an improved method for radiocarbon dating, the researchers took samples from about ...

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Our Neanderthal Cousins

There’s much to recommend in Carl Zimmer’s profile of David Reich in Discovery Magazine, not least of which are details on our favorite extinct human cousins, Neanderthals. While Neanderthals are the rock stars of the piece, Zimmer also gives a good primer on human evolution, ancient migration out of ...

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Location, Location, Location: Did Humans Start Out in Southern Africa?

by Mike Macpherson, Shirley Wu, and Joanna Mountain A young Hadza hunter From just flecks of bone and specks of DNA, scientists have been able to piece together a story of the origin of our species. That story, by most accounts, begins in eastern Africa 100-200,000 years ago. After all, multiple lines of ...

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Human Prehistory 101: Out of (Eastern) Africa

Take a look at the second installment of 23andMe's Human Prehistory 101 series.  23andMe's creative team (led by chief illustrator Ariana Killoran) recently released "Out of (Eastern) Africa."  With this new installment, we pick up where the previous video left off, when humans were starting to take their ...

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Direct Genetic Link between Australia and India Provides New Insight into the Origins of Australian Aborigines

In 1974, scientists digging in the dry lake bed of Lake Mungo in southeastern Australia uncovered the skeleton of a man preserved in the deep layers of sand and clay. Dating techniques eventually revealed that this individual died about 40,000 years ago. Scientists and the popular press dubbed the ...

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Scientists Publish Largest-Ever Study on the Genetics of Modern Africans

When scientific research is published, the authors often confess that they wish they'd collected more data. Critical reviews of research studies often say the same thing. Indeed, if there's anything scientists love, it's more data. Which is why the members of an international team of genetic ...

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X Marks the Spot: New Study Reveals Value of X-Chromosome in Tracing Prehistoric Human Migrations

In the world of genetic anthropology, mitochondrial DNA and the Y-chromosome are the major players.  They are regions of our genome scientists use most frequently when tracing both ancient and historical human migrations, and are an important tool for genealogists using DNA to piece together their family ...

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