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23andMe and Parkinson’s: Past, Present, and Future

What Causes Parkinson's Disease? The symptoms of Parkinson’s are thought to stem from a loss of dopamine-producing brain cells that normally control movement, but what causes these cells to die off in the first place is difficult to answer. Toxins and other environmental factors can play a role, but ...

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Ride With Larry

Andrew Rubin and Ricardo Villarreal’s film Ride With Larry is about more than a guy with Parkinson’s pedaling across South Dakota. It's about the singular idea that whatever life throws at you the best choice is to live to the fullest. “I’ll never give up,” Larry Smith says at one point during the film. ...

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A Leader in Parkinson’s Research

If you were facing a daunting diagnosis you would want the news to come from someone like Dr. J. William Langston. Engaged and intelligent, he has the kind of optimism you don’t expect from a physician who has spent decades working to unravel the complexities of Parkinson’s disease. “Things have changed ...

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An Astronaut Tells His Secret

On his first Space Shuttle mission, Rich Clifford whispered a little prayer. “Please Lord let something go wrong so that I can fix it,” he recalls with a smile. But on the launch pad, strapped into the Shuttle with its two massive solid rocket boosters primed for ignition, Rich had second ...

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Unexpected Associations with Parkinson’s

As part of Parkinson’s Awareness Month 23andMe is releasing the first of three surprising associations we’ve found between Parkinson’s and certain traits. The associations are surprising because they appear so unrelated to the disease itself, but they may offer insight into the direction for future ...

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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

During Parkinson’s Awareness Month, we’ll be highlighting promising research and new findings in the fight against Parkinson’s. Along the way we hope to boost enrollment in 23andMe’s Parkinson’s Research Community past 7,500 people, getting us that much closer to our ultimate goal of 10,000 people in the ...

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