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A Cancer Fighter Gets Personal

It’s hard to picture a more “personalized” approach to medicine than Dr. Ronald Levy’s. Levy, chief of the oncology division at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, has spent his career finding ways to induce a person’s own immune system to fight cancer, specifically lymphoma. Levy will be speaking ...

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Listening to Leroy Hood

When Dr. Leroy Hood talks there’s a reason a lot of people in the fields of medicine, biology and genetics listen. Beyond his pioneering work in developing automated gene sequencing, Hood helped found companies as diverse as Amgen and Applied Biosystems; he is one of only about a dozen people who belong to ...

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Win Free Admission to the 2012 Personalized Medicine World Conference

Mixing and mingling with the leading thinkers in personalized medicine. Checking out the latest technologies. Reflecting on new paradigms and approaches to healthcare. If these sound like your cup of tea, then the Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) is for you! Now in its fourth year, the PMWC is ...

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The Power of Predictive Care

You are unique, but sometimes when you see your doctor you don’t feel you’re being treated that way. The promise of personalized medicine is that what makes you, you, can also be used to tailor the health care plan that is most effective for you. This is already happening, in part, because of the work ...

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A Prescription for Personalizing Medicine

While a lot of the discussion about personalized medicine is focused on the future, Felix Frueh of Medco Health Solutions believes the most promising possibilities for individualized care could be implemented right now. Knowing a person’s underlying genetics with currently available tests could make ...

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PMWC 2011 Delivers an Inspiring Program on Personalized Medicine

More than 800 people packed the auditorium in Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum for two days this week listening to the impassioned words of the greatest thinkers, movers, and shakers in personalized medicine. It’s a topic that’s easy to get behind -- who doesn’t think that medical care tailored to the ...

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Letter from Committee on Energy and Commerce

Today 23andMe received a letter from the Committee on Energy and Commerce of the United States House of Representatives asking that along with Navigenics and Pathway Genomics, we provide information about our genetic testing services. The letter was signed by Congressmen Henry A. Waxman from California, ...

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Very Personalized Medicine: Sequencing of Second Cancer Patient Reveals Potentially Significant Mutations

A new genetic screening process has helped researchers understand the genetic causes of cancer, such as how mutations accumulated in a person's life can cause leukemia. The study shows that by comparing a person's own DNA to that of their cancerous cells, researchers can find DNA mutations that may have ...

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Curriculum Reform Needed For An Informed Public When It Comes To Genetics, Expert Says

It's not enough to teach genetics, says Michael Dougherty, director of education for the American Society for Human Genetics.  It has to be taught in the right way. "Current teaching practices may be producing a public that is unprepared to participate effectively as medical consumers in a world where ...

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Very Personalized Medicine: Genetically Customized Bone Marrow Transplant May Have Eradicated Patient’s HIV

In a way, organ transplantation is the one branch of medicine that has already been personalized, because doctors must carefully match the immune systems of donor and recipient to prevent rejection. Now transplant physicians in Germany have taken that procedure a step further by engineering not just a ...

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