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23andMe Launches Sarcoma Community

Sarcomas are an extremely rare set of cancers that affect the bone and connective tissues such as muscle, bone, fat, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, and the like. With the launch of the new Sarcoma Community, 23andMe hopes to recruit a research cohort that will serve as a platform for research ...

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It’s Your Data … Shouldn’t You Have Access To It?

Each one of us carries in our cells the vital genetic data, compliments of our parents, that code for many of our traits and attributes.  Whether it's our eye color, height or the ability to consume dairy products, the variations in our genes contribute to making us 'one of a kind'.  Unfortunately, these ...

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I Hate Cilantro

For years I believed that every Mexican restaurant my family took me to had some kind of problem with their dishwashing machine. Why else would the food always taste like soap? No one around me seemed to notice, so I just assumed that everyone else liked the taste of dirty dishwater in their ...

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Meet the 23andMe Team: Brian Hawthorne

Brian spends his days deep within the heart of the 23andMe web infrastructure. He is a software engineer with long experience in the biomedical field, having previously supported pharmacogenomics and brain imaging endeavors. In addition to being ready and willing to automate himself out of a job, Brian is ...

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Tackling Tongue-Curling: The Challenge of 23andWe

You may have already read about 23andWe and the ”Power of We” in earlier blog posts. As the research arm of 23andMe, we're hoping 23andWe can produce valuable discoveries about the genetic roots of diseases, conditions and traits that are little-studied due to funding limitations, logistical obstacles or ...

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