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Can I Call You Son?

David was 17 when a few words change him forever. His mother and father were having a bad patch and his mom had had a little bit too much to drink when she let something slip. She told David he was her favorite child and then slipped in something that it was “because she wasn’t sure if I was my ...

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Searching For Her Roots

In her 30 years of searching Perline Porter had to chase down rumors, uncover lies and overcome false assumptions, but in the end she discovered the truth. “I finally know where I came from,” said Perline, a 58 year-old retired computer tech. “I found my biological father and family.” The searching — ...

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A Siblings Story From 23andMe

Anyone with a brother or sister doesn’t need a national holiday to remind them how special bonds between siblings can be, but in recognition of National Sibling Day we bring you another in a long list of stories of siblings who found each other through 23andMe. Tricia had a few details, but never enough to ...

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23andMe Helps Brother And Sister Connect

Leslie grew up with a family secret — somewhere out there she had a big brother named Michael, her father’s illegitimate son from before he married her mother. As a child, Leslie made this mysterious brother her imaginary friend. And as she grew older, she became determined that one day, she would find ...

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An Unexpected Discovery

An adoptee, Cody Harden turned to 23andMe to search for medical information. Little did he know that in his search he’d find more than just data about his health, he found family. Cody, a 39-year-old software systems specialist, hadn’t tested with the intent of trying to find his biological family. It just ...

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Sisters Connect with 23andMe

Greta had given up on ever finding her mother. From her adoption papers she had a name, Carolyn Palmer, but decades of searching never got her any closer to finding the woman who gave birth to her, or any other blood relative for that matter. “My missing family history amounted to a million missing ...

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