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Researchers Identify Function of SNP in Breast Cancer Susceptibility

Multiple studies have indicated that a SNP in the FGFR2 gene can increase the risk for breast cancer. Results published online this week in the open-access journal PLoS Biology show how. It turns out that the riskier version of this SNP increases the amount of the FGFR2 protein that is made by cells, ...

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23andMe Genotyping Technology Aces Independent Tests

Sometimes our customers ask us about the accuracy of their 23andMe data. How certain are we that they really do have the genotypes we report? The answer is, very certain. We typically claim that the genotyping technology we use reports the correct call for more than 99.9 percent of the approximately ...

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Schizophrenia Genetics in Science: SNPs Are Only One Piece of the Puzzle

Genome-wide association studies, which are the source for most of the data 23andMe uses in Gene Journal (now called Health and Traits) entries, are based on the “common disease-common allele model” – the idea that many illnesses, even relatively rare ones, can be caused by combinations of genetic variations ...

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