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The Genetics of Nearsightedness, Stretch Marks, and Motion Sickness

Amy Kiefer is a Survey Research Manager at 23andMe. She joined the company in 2008. What do nearsightedness, stretch marks, and motion sickness have to do with each other? They don’t appear to be genetically related — at least not according to our in-house statistical geneticists — but all of them are ...

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Do Ask, Do Tell

This week 23andMe will begin surveying its members to study the biology of sexual orientation. The survey was prompted in part by customer interest, and fueled by our own scientific curiosity. We’re also launching the survey during “Come Out For Health” week, a nationwide event that has for the last nine ...

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23andMe Parkinson’s Research Initiative Progress Update

By Nick Eriksson, 23andMe Principal Scientist, and Lizzie Dorfman, Parkinson's Research Project Manager Less than a year ago we announced the launch of the 23andMe Parkinson’s Research Initiative. Since then, we have built one of the world's most useful resources for studying the genetics of Parkinson's ...

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23andWe: The First Annual Update

By Joyce Tung and Amy Kiefer It's been an exciting seven months since we launched 23andWe, the arm of 23andMe that gives people an unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with us on cutting-edge genetic research. Since May, the amount of data we’ve collected has grown at a fast and furious pace. For those ...

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Three New Surveys from 23andWe Ask New Kinds of Questions

Since 23andWe debuted in May, we've asked our customers about all sorts of things: their hair color, earwax consistency, whether they tend to look on life's bright side. Sometimes people have been surprised to learn that something like your susceptibility to motion sickness — or even which way the hair swirls ...

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