What’s in a Name: Surnames and the Y-Chromosome

December 29, 2008
My surname – Holden – has gone through many incarnations since it originated in England nearly 700 years ago.   Letters were added, then dropped.   Some branches of my...
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Variants in Genes for Carcinogen Transporters Linked to Lung Cancer

December 26, 2008
When the toxins in cigarette smoke are inhaled, lung cells don’t just sit there and take it. A complex network of proteins is activated with every puff. The proteins break...
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Hidden in Plain Sight: New Genetic Discoveries Shed Light on the Spread of Farming in Eastern Europe

December 24, 2008
Before genetics came into the picture, researchers interested in the introduction of agriculture to Europe had only the archaeological record to go on – a limited collection of primarily stone...
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SNPwatch: Genetic Variants May Reduce Ability of Anti-Clotting Drug Clopidogrel to Prevent a Second Heart Attack

December 23, 2008
SNPwatch gives you the latest news about research linking various traits and conditions to individual genetic variations. These studies are exciting because they offer a glimpse into how genetics may...
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X Marks the Spot: New Study Reveals Value of X-Chromosome in Tracing Prehistoric Human Migrations

December 22, 2008
In the world of genetic anthropology, mitochondrial DNA and the Y-chromosome are the major players.   They are regions of our genome scientists use most frequently when tracing both ancient...
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Three New Surveys from 23andWe Ask New Kinds of Questions

December 19, 2008
Since 23andWe debuted in May, we’ve asked our customers about all sorts of things: their hair color, earwax consistency, whether they tend to look on life’s bright side. Sometimes people...
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Genetic Variants Linked To Blood Sugar Level

December 18, 2008
The complications of type 2 diabetes — damage to the kidneys, nerves, eyes, and cardiovascular system — result from chronically high blood sugar.While routine blood tests can provide a snapshot...
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Turning Research Participants Into Research Partners

December 17, 2008
Every year more than two million Americans take part in clinical trials. Many may not realize when they sign up that there is no requirement for the investigators running the...
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SNPwatch: New Obesity SNPs Point to the Brain’s Role in Regulating Appetite

December 16, 2008
In the current issue of Nature Genetics, two teams of researchers identify nine new genetic locations associated with obesity. Almost all of them are within or close to genes that...
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Study of Common Variants Finds Rare Mutation With Implications For Heart Disease Prevention

December 15, 2008
Genome-wide association studies, the research projects that connect SNPs to different traits and conditions (and fuel much of the 23andMe Health and Traits feature), focus on fairly common genetic variations...
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