23andMe….and me: Interview with Esther Dyson

December 07, 2009
Esther Dyson is a Director of 23andMe and an investor in numerous Internet, private aviation, space and health care ventures.   She has also shared her genetic data, medical records...
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SNPwatch: Do These Genes Make Me Look Fat? It Depends on What You Eat

December 04, 2009
We all know people struggling with weight issues. Maybe they’re overweight and can’t seem to lose the pounds no matter what new diet or exercise regime they try. Or, maybe...
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23andMe’s Relative Finder Featured on CNN

December 03, 2009
With the help of 23andMe and CNN, two distant cousins were brought together to discuss their shared DNA and their shared passion for genealogy. The cousins are 23andMe customers Larry...
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Mouse Studies Show that Longevity Gene May Play a Role In Maintaining Stem Cells in the Brain

December 01, 2009
Even if you do everything right — exercise, healthy eating, no smoking– whether or not you’ll make it to the century mark depends to some extent on your genes. One...
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Remember: Turkey Day is Also National Family Health History Day

November 26, 2009
Looking for something to talk about between mouthfuls of green bean casserole and cranberry dressing? Instead of discussing the big game or Friday’s shopping prospects, U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin...
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SNPwatch: New Study Rats Out A Genetic Variant Associated with Type 2 Diabetes

November 25, 2009
Type 2 diabetes is a common disease characterized by high blood glucose levels and unresponsiveness to insulin. Individuals with type 2 diabetes may produce insulin at normal levels but do...
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SNPwatch: Genetic Variant Affects HIV Viral Set Point and Disease Progression

November 24, 2009
More than 30 million people worldwide are living with HIV, and about three million more are infected each year. Although people infected with the virus are living longer and healthier...
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SNPwatch: Piecing Together The Inflammatory Bowel Disease Puzzle

November 20, 2009
Inflammatory  bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic autoimmune disorder — encompassing both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis —  that affects more than a million people in the United States. Normally,...
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Introducing Relative Finder: The Newest Feature from 23andMe

November 19, 2009
Get ready — there’s a whole new way to do genealogy. You may have already heard about a new feature 23andMe is offering its customers, called Relative Finder. With the...
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23andMe & Navigenics’ Open Letter to Nature

November 18, 2009
The following is a joint letter addressing the Opinion piece by Pauline C. Ng, Sarah S. Murray, Samuel Levy and J. Craig Venter that appeared in the October 8, 2009...
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