23and ¡Mi Cabeza!: A New Migraine Headache Survey

October 15, 2009
Here’s how it goes for me: a few afternoons a year, usually when I haven’t slept or eaten right, but sometimes for no apparent reason, I begin to sense a...
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23andMe Scientists Harness Linguistics to Describe Origin and History of Paternal Haplogroup J1e

October 14, 2009
The Near East — a swath of land that encompasses the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, and everywhere in between — has been populated by humans longer than anywhere else in...
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SNPwatch: Genetic Variations Influencing Hemoglobin Levels Identified

October 12, 2009
Doctors routinely order the complete blood count (CBC) for their patients because they can learn a lot about a person’s health by measuring the numbers of different types of blood...
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Globules of Globules of Globules: Research Reveals How Our Cells Pack in All That DNA

October 09, 2009
A segment of chromosome 14 folded to reveal a fractal curve using Origami. Designed and folded by Jason Ku. Photo by Erik Demaine. How do you get three billion pairs...
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Researchers Discover the True Identity of the “Royal Disease”

October 08, 2009
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and Prince Alexei, 1911. The princes of early 20th century Europe had a problem.   The source of their wealth and power — the royal blood coursing...
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“What ELSI is new?” at Genomics Law Report

October 05, 2009
Dan Vorhaus at Genomics Law Report has launched “What ELSI is new?”, a series of guest posts on the most pressing ethical, legal, and social issues (ELSI) relating to genomics....
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SNPwatch: The Plot Thickens For Thinning Bones

October 05, 2009
Our bones are amazing structures, capable of supporting tremendous force through complex motions. They do this day in and day out, year after year as we sit, stand, walk, run,...
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Life on the Fringe: Shrews and Voles Reveal Clues to British Prehistory

October 02, 2009
Through the millennia wave after wave of migrants – often in the form of invading armies — have descended upon the British Isles. The first people to arrive after the...
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SNPwatch: Genetic Clues to Bowel Disease Found in Mice and Men

September 30, 2009
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which can appear as either ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, damages the lining of the digestive tract and leads to abdominal cramps, incomplete digestion and nutritional...
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SNPwatch: Researchers Find More Genetic Variants Associated With Prostate Cancer

September 29, 2009
In the United States, prostate cancer affects about one in every six men.   Genomewide association studies aimed at finding common genetic variants associated with this common disease have been...
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