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SNPwatch: More Progress in the Search for Genetic Variants Linked to Childhood Asthma

Researchers have identified another region of the genome associated with childhood asthma, a condition that affects more than seven million American kids. Analysis of DNA from about 1,700 children with asthma and 3,500 controls, all of European ancestry, identified several genetic variations on chromosome ...

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Large Study Reveals Details of African American Genetic Ancestry

As shown in these ancestry paintings from 23andMe, the proportion of African DNA can vary widely for African Americans. A recent study led by Carlos Bustamante of Cornell and Sarah Tishkoff of the University of Pennsylvania has shown that genetically speaking, African American can mean a lot of different ...

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Genetic Analysis Demonstrates Lack of Ethnic Diversity in Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Most Commonly Used In Research

Using a research method very similar to the one used in 23andMe's Global Similarity advanced view feature, researchers have discovered that most of the embryonic stem cell lines currently studied by researchers are derived from European and Middle Eastern populations.  Only two out of 47 were derived from egg ...

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23andMe Labs

In 2009, we added six tools to 23andMe Labs, our technology sandbox where we showcase experimental features. In case you haven't played around with them yet, here's a brief review: Health Labs Reynolds Risk Score This tool calculates a 10-year risk for heart-attack using information including cholesterol ...

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