SNPwatch: Eating Veggies Can Decrease Genetic Risk for Heart Attack

November 22, 2011
For some, eating a doughnut every morning is a recipe for heart attack. Certain genetic factors are also associated with developing cardiovascular disease. But lifestyle choices can impact the effect of genetics on risk. A new study suggests that eating a prudent diet -- high in raw fruits and vegetables -- can counteract the effect of one of the most well-established genetic risk factors for coronary heart disease.
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This is Your Brain on Retrotransposons

November 18, 2011
From your toenails to your hair follicles, every cell in your body contains identical genetic information. But as new research from the University of Edinburgh shows, reality is a little more complicated. DNA in one brain cell can be different from DNA in other brain cells, and from DNA in other tissues, due to the activity of genetic elements called retrotransposons. These elements may play significant roles in human health and cognition depending on where in the DNA and in the brain they are active.
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Win Free Admission to the 2012 Personalized Medicine World Conference

November 17, 2011
Interested in attending the 2012 Personalized Medicine World Conference? You could win free admission by entering 23andMe's PMWC Essay Contest.
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SNPWatch: Taking Stock of Dengue Shock

November 11, 2011
We all know that mosquitoes can be annoying. In many parts of the world, however, mosquitoes are more than just annoying--they are killers. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease with significant public health impact in tropical regions of the world. Some people infected with the dengue virus suffer life-threatening complications, while others have only mild or no symptoms at all. A new study investigates genetic factors underlying response to dengue infection.
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The Power of Predictive Care

November 09, 2011
The promise of personalized medicine is that what makes you, you, can also be used to tailor the health care plan that is most effective for you. This is already happening, in part, because of the work of people like Dr. Ralph Snyderman, who is speaking in January at the Personalized Medicine World Conference. We spoke to Dr. Snyderman about the promise of personalized medicine in an exclusive interview with The Spittoon.
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Support Your Right to Access Your Clinical Lab Results

November 04, 2011
In September, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius proposed rules to give patients direct access to their clinical laboratory results. We believe that giving people access to their lab results will trigger more engagement by patients and better dialogue between patients and their doctors. Your comments may help make a difference between whether the proposed rules become reality.
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23andMe’s MPN Initiative Welcomes Dr. Ruben Mesa as Scientific Advisor

November 03, 2011
In just three months, 23andMe’s Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN) Research Initiative has grown to more than 330 active participants. Our Scientific Advisory Board has grown as well with another prestigious scientist, Dr. Ruben Mesa, joining Dr. Jason Gotlib and Dr. James Zehnder from the Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Cancer Institute.
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23andMe and Montreal: Reflections From ICHG 2011

October 31, 2011
Ever since Kevin Davies coined the phrase "the $1000 genome" the vision of whole genomes at the corner store has alternately inspired and unsettled onlookers. Well, we're not quite at the point where getting your genome sequenced costs less than buying a smartphone, but sequencing is definitely still rising in popularity. Nowhere was this more evident than at the 12th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG) held three weeks ago in Montreal. 23andMe's 11 scientists in attendance presented 10 scientific posters and soaked in four full days of the latest in human genetics (and a bit of the charms of Montreal).
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A Prescription for Personalizing Medicine

October 26, 2011
While a lot of the discussion about personalized medicine is focused on the future, some of the most promising possibilities for individualized care could be implemented right now, said Felix Frueh, of Medco Health Solutions. Frueh shares his perspective with The Spittoon in advance of the 4th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference.
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Milestones in the Fight Against Parkinson’s Disease

October 25, 2011
It's been an exciting year for research on Parkinson's disease, and now 23andMe is adding yet another discovery to the mix -- a genetic factor that may protect against Parkinson's in individuals carrying the high-risk G2019S LRRK2 variant.
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