SNPWatch: New Genetic Associations For Testosterone Levels in Men

October 24, 2011
Testosterone sometimes gets a bad rap, but it plays important roles not just in male development but als in overall health in men. A new study has identified several genetic factors that influence testosterone levels in men.
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What European DNA Can Say About Ancestry, Disease Risk, and Cultural Traits

October 21, 2011
All the drama in the European Union right now has reignited talk about the cultural divide between people on the continent. Although all humans are over 99 percent identical genetically, even in the tight geographic confines of Europe there is enough genetic variation that 23andMe researchers can use it to determine from where in Europe a person came -- and whether they are more or less likely to be an extravert.
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SNPWatch: Genetic Variants Associated with Type 2 Diabetes in South Asians and Europeans

October 18, 2011
Type 2 diabetes is characterized by very high levels of sugar in the blood and is the most common form of diabetes. Although eating rich food and leading a sedentary...
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SNPWatch: Genetic Variation is in the Eye of the Beholder

October 13, 2011
Your iris (the colored part of the eye) can tell a lot about you. Like your fingerprint, the patterns on your iris are complex and unique. Because of this, iris...
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More at ICHG/ASHG: The Nuts and Bolts Behind Health and Ancestry

October 13, 2011
Not all of our scientific contributions are in the realm of genetic associations; we also spend a lot of time thinking about unique methods for analyzing and evaluating data, not just to investigate pressing scientific questions of relevance to our product, but to provide a comprehensive service that continuously evolves as the science does. During the poster session at ICHG/ASHG on Friday, 23andMe scientists discuss some of the nuts and bolts of Ancestry Finder and evaluating scientific studies for inclusion in our Health reports.
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23andMe Scientists Share Novel Findings From Our Research Platform at ICHG/ASHG 2011

October 12, 2011
With the help of our unique research platform and our tens of thousands of research participants, we've already made novel discoveries into the genetics of common traits as well as Parkinson's disease. At ICHG/ASHG 2011, we'll share some more of the novel findings we've discovered, covering everything from allergies to risk assessment.
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23andMe Scientists Head to Montreal for ICHG/ASHG, Eh

October 11, 2011
The joint  12th International Congress of Human Genetics  and  61st Annual Meeting of the  American Society of Human Genetics  held this week in Montreal is expected to draw more than...
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“50/50” Shows Us the Human Side of Cancer

October 10, 2011
From the minute it became clear that Adam had cancer, he became a statistic, a diagnosis, a “case study”. The odds -- 50/50 -- didn’t seem fair in the context of his life, but his friend Kyle put it into a different perspective: “Dude, if you were a casino game, you’d have the best odds!” Thus begins Adam’s journey with neurofibrosarcoma, a rare form of spinal cancer, in the surprising and transformative new film "50/50", starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen.
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Join 23andMe at ICHG/ASHG 2011 for Drinks and a Chance to Win an Exome!

October 07, 2011
The world’s top scientists and researchers in human genetics will gather in Montreal next week for ICHG/ASHG 2011 to discuss the latest breakthroughs in this rapidly changing field. To ensure that everyone stays hydrated, 23andMe invites attendees to a mixer at a microbrewery in Montreal. We’ll also be giving away a free exome sequence to one lucky participant!
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Lone Frank’s “Beautiful Genome”

October 05, 2011
Lone Frank, the award-winning Danish science writer, claims to be shy, but I don’t believe her. In a world where consumers are increasingly getting access to their own genetic data,  Frank turns to genetics for answers about her ancestry, her traits and her risks for diseases, and her prickly personality, bearing all in her entertaining and enlightening new book My Beautiful Genome: Discovering Our Genetic Future One Quirk at a Time.
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