Cinco de Me-O

April 29, 2011
The typical five year-old is pretty confident, filled with energy and imagination. Maybe a little loud. Yesterday, 23andMe turned five. We’re brimming with vigor and vision. Still a little brash....
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Public Comments Due on Possible FDA Regulation of Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing

April 26, 2011
From its founding 23andMe has made clear its views that people should have a right to access their own genetic information. And in the debate over regulation of direct to...
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Pulitzer Prize for Sequencing Story

April 21, 2011
Kathleen Gallagher and Mark Johnson are good reporters but it didn’t take a lot to figure out that the tip they got was big news. Doctors, Gallagher heard, had used...
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Call to Participate in a New Study on Social Networking and Personal Genomics

April 20, 2011
Invitation to Participate in New Research Project — Social Networking and Personal Genomics: Emerging Issues For Health Research Do you share your information with others? How has your personal genetic...
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“Coffee, I Must Have Coffee…”

April 18, 2011
Whether you reach for a Starbuck’s Venti – the “Big Gulp” of coffee servings – or a wee size cup of Joe in the morning, or none at all, might...
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Take a Hike… for Parkinson’s Awareness

April 13, 2011
It’s easy to talk the talk for disease awareness, but now you can walk the walk — literally! On April 16th, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD) and the...
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23andMe is Celebrating DNA Day a Little Early With a Sale!

April 11, 2011
Although DNA Day is officially April 15th, we at 23andMe just couldn’t wait that long. So we’re celebrating early with a big sale! For a limited time, you can order...
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Studies Identify Five More Genetic Variants Associated with Alzheimer’s

April 07, 2011
Results published this week in the journal Nature Genetics identified five more genes associated with risk of developing Alzheimer’s, doubling the total number of genes known to be linked to...
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DTC Genetic Tests and the Future of Regulation: Make Your Voices Heard

April 04, 2011
On March 8th, the FDA convened a two-day advisory panel meeting to discuss questions related to direct-to-consumer genetic tests. The questions focused on the benefits and risks of providing consumers...
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23andMe Discovers 24th Chromosome, Changes Name to 24andMe

April 01, 2011
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — April 1, 2011 — Something just wasn’t right. For months, the scientists at the direct-to-consumer genetic testing company puzzled over anomalies in the customer data they...
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