This Year’s Top Ten Genetic Findings of 2013

December 27, 2013
Each year at this time 23andMe puts together a list of the most interesting genetic findings of 2013. We’re doing that again but with a twist.We want to include in...
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This Is About Me

December 23, 2013
An adoptee without a lot of information about her ancestral background, Megan used 23andMe to explore what her DNA said about herself. When she got her results she thought, "This is about me."
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23andMe’s Science Book For Kids

December 20, 2013
In the New Year 23andMe will be giving out a gift for kids and promoting literacy at the same time. We are delivering 500 copies of our illustrated board book...
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A Neanderthal Genome Sheds More Light On Human Evolution

December 19, 2013
Our favorite ancient cousins, the Neanderthals, are in the news again. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology have sequenced the full genome from the toe bone of...
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A Gut Bug, Genetics and Treating Serious Stomach Diseases

December 19, 2013
By Bertram Koelsch Do you know the bacteria H. pylori? Well, H. pylori may already know you.H. pylori, a bacterium that lives in the mucus of the stomach and tolerates...
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What Patients Say Works for Eczema

December 17, 2013
CureTogether asked patients with Eczema to list the top ten most helpful treatments for their conditions.
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23andMe’s Updates Regarding FDA’s Review

December 05, 2013
By Anne Wojcicki After discussion with officials from the Food and Drug Administration today, 23andMe will comply with the FDA’s directive and stop offering new consumers access to health-related genetic...
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What Patients Say Works for Crohn’s Disease

November 28, 2013
By Alex Carmichael, Co-Founder of CureTogether For Crohn’s Disease, medical interventions seem to be surprisingly effective.This is in contrast to some of our other patient-reported treatment infographics, in which lifestyle...
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An Update Regarding The FDA’s Letter to 23andMe

November 26, 2013
23andMe was started in 2007 with the belief that consumers have the right to get access to their genetic information and that information can help them live healthier lives. It...
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23andMe Statement Regarding FDA Warning Letter

November 25, 2013
We have received the warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration. We recognize that we have not met the FDA’s expectations regarding timeline and communication regarding our submission. Our...
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