It’s a Girl

September 05, 2014
When Kelli read the message, she froze thinking that her next move would likely change her life forever. It was a note from a fellow 23andMe customer, who’d been identified...
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A Conversation With Health Content Scientist Robin Smith

September 03, 2014
This is the first in an occasional series of profiles introducing you to the people behind 23andMe’s content curation team. This team of 23andMe scientists has the unique job of...
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Photogenetics: 23andMe’s Genetics Image Contest

September 02, 2014
Another school year begins and 23andMe has your first assignment.Photo by Quinn WalkerPhoto by Carmen Avram A picture is worth a thousand words, and we think that’s plenty enough to...
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Gut Check – A Short List of IBD Blogs

August 29, 2014
It might not be genetic but there appears to be a clear association between having inflammatory bowel disease and having a damn good sense of humor. IBD is a serious...
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Neanderthal Fade Away

August 28, 2014
Neanderthals, our ancient cousins whose DNA is still found in traces in modern humans, faded away in Europe about 10,000 years earlier than scientists once thought, according to a new...
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More On Inflammatory Bowel Disease

August 25, 2014
Since announcing our new study on Inflammatory Bowel Disease, we’ve received questions not just about the study, but about the disease itself.Eligible Individuals 1. You have been diagnosed with Crohn’s...
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Tools For Genetic Genealogists

August 22, 2014
This past weekend, 23andMe’s Joanna Mountain and Christine Moschella, attended Joanna Mountain, 23andMe’s Research Director, and on the right Christine Moschella, 23andMe’s Community Manager.the 2014 Institute for Genetic Genealogy Conference...
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Science Advisor, Larry Smarr

August 20, 2014
Last week, 23andMe launched a new research initiative to study Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Along with collaborating with Pfizer on the study, 23andMe has also enlisted the help of five scientific...
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An Extraordinary Turn

August 14, 2014
Jeremy Kuykendall grew up in Texas, went to college there and settled down. He has a good job, is happily married and has two daughters. His life is pretty normal....
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New Study To Look At The Genetics Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

August 12, 2014
For people battling Inflammatory Bowel Disease – an umbrella diagnosis that includes serious digestive conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis – it’s easy to feel isolated and alone....
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