A New Look at 23andMe

23andMe has a new design for our website. We’d like you to take a peek.

With input from our customers, we created a cleaner and more personalized layout that highlights some of the features you know and love, and adds a few new ones to boot.

While customers still have access to the same breadth of information, we’ve tweaked the tools and navigation for a more engaging and tailored experience. This post provides a quick overview of that new experience. A more detailed description of the new design is on our FAQ page.

Some of these changes are based on fundamental design principles – using easily recognized icons, color schemes and better layout, for instance – that allow you to move through features more fluidly and more intuitively. Other changes enable better function across many different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

If you’ve recently joined 23andMe, you may have only seen this new design. But for many of our longtime customers, this is new. Although most of the features are the same – nothing has been removed – we’ve organized the tools a little differently, added new features and renamed others. Here’s what you’ll find.


For customers accustomed to the old navigation, the most obvious difference is that instead of a menu down the left side of the page, you will navigate to your health, ancestry, research and community information through drop-down menus on the top of the page.

The change isn’t just a function of design. By allowing for menus to collapse and expand, we free up space to make room for some of the full-screen features that are part of our service. We’ve also changed how some of the features and tools are organized for more logical groupings.

In addition to moving the navigation menus to the top of the page, we’ve changed what information is front and center for you. Instead of a “Welcome to You” box, we will highlight interesting aspects of your data and useful features. Some of those features may change over time as we get more feedback, but the intent is to highlight what is most important and interesting for you.

We will also feature new content that takes both your responses to surveys along with your genetic data to create suggestions for you about such things as your diet and your health that you may want to share with your doctor.


On top of changes to navigation, layout and the addition of new content, we have also renamed a few tools and features. These changes are meant to provide clarity and intuitiveness. So for instance, the very popular “Relative Finder” feature is now called “DNA Relatives,” and it’s found under the “Family & Friends” menu.

The features formerly grouped under “Health Labs” are now collected under the banner, “Health Tools,” while “Ancestry Labs” are now collected together under the name of “Ancestry Tools.”

All these changes, whether they are the big ones or small ones, have been used by customers like you. We took the time to test the new design with about 15,000 customers over three months, incorporating their comments and feedback into additional changes we’ve made. Now as we roll out this new experience to everyone, we welcome feedback from you, and will continue to make improvements.