A New Look at 23andMe

23andMe has a new design for our website. We’d like you to take a peek.

With input from our customers, we created a cleaner and more personalized layout that highlights some of the features you know and love, and adds a few new ones to boot.

While customers still have access to the same breadth of information, we’ve tweaked the tools and navigation for a more engaging and tailored experience. This post provides a quick overview of that new experience. A more detailed description of the new design is on our FAQ page.

Some of these changes are based on fundamental design principles – using easily recognized icons, color schemes and better layout, for instance – that allow you to move through features more fluidly and more intuitively. Other changes enable better function across many different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

If you’ve recently joined 23andMe, you may have only seen this new design. But for many of our longtime customers, this is new. Although most of the features are the same – nothing has been removed – we’ve organized the tools a little differently, added new features and renamed others. Here’s what you’ll find.


For customers accustomed to the old navigation, the most obvious difference is that instead of a menu down the left side of the page, you will navigate to your health, ancestry, research and community information through drop-down menus on the top of the page.

The change isn’t just a function of design. By allowing for menus to collapse and expand, we free up space to make room for some of the full-screen features that are part of our service. We’ve also changed how some of the features and tools are organized for more logical groupings.

In addition to moving the navigation menus to the top of the page, we’ve changed what information is front and center for you. Instead of a “Welcome to You” box, we will highlight interesting aspects of your data and useful features. Some of those features may change over time as we get more feedback, but the intent is to highlight what is most important and interesting for you.

We will also feature new content that takes both your responses to surveys along with your genetic data to create suggestions for you about such things as your diet and your health that you may want to share with your doctor.


On top of changes to navigation, layout and the addition of new content, we have also renamed a few tools and features. These changes are meant to provide clarity and intuitiveness. So for instance, the very popular “Relative Finder” feature is now called “DNA Relatives,” and it’s found under the “Family & Friends” menu.

The features formerly grouped under “Health Labs” are now collected under the banner, “Health Tools,” while “Ancestry Labs” are now collected together under the name of “Ancestry Tools.”

All these changes, whether they are the big ones or small ones, have been used by customers like you. We took the time to test the new design with about 15,000 customers over three months, incorporating their comments and feedback into additional changes we’ve made. Now as we roll out this new experience to everyone, we welcome feedback from you, and will continue to make improvements.
  • Quinta Wilkinson

    Nice! I did think it was a bit hard to move around for a new person.

  • Dean

    Please, please make sure it’s tablet/touch friendly! The new beta site is pretty useless on my Surface RT tablet because the main menu relies on mouse-overs to show the menu drop downs. It’s a shame I can’t just kick back on the sofa and browse my 23andMe data 🙁 Some other things don’t work either, like surveys.

  • Cyndi

    Please please tell us we’ll be able to opt out. I tried out your new design a few weeks ago. I know people generally hate change so I gave it a good week of solid use so I could get used to it. I still hated it. I never knew where I was in terms of which account I was on. And I couldn’t find things easily. This wasn’t just a simple matter of getting used to the new system, it’s that things were now hidden behind menu items and not visible with a glance. I am very skilled with computers and websites and understand how menus and the like work. And I gave it an honest chance. But the new design made the site unusable for me. To the extent that I spent a lot less time on 23andme.

  • Pavel Bernshtam

    Hi, do you plan new messaging system?

    Currently we miss folders in messages (just Inbox and Sent) and search messages feature. It is very annoying ..

    Thank you

    • ScottH

      Pavel, There are no changes to the messaging system at present, but I’ll pass on your comments to the product team.

      • David Sutherland

        Dear ScottH and Product Team,

        Neat facelift. But I do care much more about mature, deep functionality than prettying-up.

        Making messaging better — history, contacts, etc. is a better use of resources.

        Better still — some real functionality for what a lot of us want to see: health (yes) but also family tree matching. Please leverage the unique capabilities here.


  • Where is the sitewide search function? Has it been eliminated on purpose or did you just forget? Almost no one wants this change. Very disappointing.

    • ScottH

      Kasandra, We have not eliminated the site wide search function.

      • Hi ScottH
        Many of us can’t find the search function in the new set up… take a look at your posting boards for more clues. I can’t get you a screenshot because I’m not on the computer that I was trying to find the search on now. (and I’m not willing to switch my work computer to the beta format at this time)

        • ScottH

          Kasandra, We’ll be starting a thread for comment this evening as the new experience is rolled out to all users and you can add comments there. But in answer to your comments we have kept the search function. It is on the very top the page along the menu bar. So you have the cog where you manage your settings, sharing and can browse your raw data; there is the “home” menu where you have the summaries of your results and featured content; the “my results” section where you can bore down into either your health or ancestry data; the “family & friends” where you find the family tree, DNA relatives, gene comparison and traits; “research & commmunity” here’s the section where you’ll find surveys, research findings and the community threads. Finally the bar has a “search 23andMe” option where you can do a system wide search.

        • ScottH

          Kasandra, I have to amend my comment to you. We didn’t remove the search function, but apparently if you select a certain resolution size for the screen the search function drops off. This would be a resolution with a width below 1100 pixels. We’re fixing this problem. You can reach the search function by either changing the resolution or going to a search page. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • R. Walker

    I suggest that you put in parentheses under “DNA Relatives” (Relative Finder). this seems to me to be a clearer explanation of this function. And what is more important, new people reviewing the blogs will know what people are talking about when they see Relative Finder mentioned, and can’t find it on their page.

  • steve swanson

    PLEASE LET ME CHOOSE NEW OR CLASSIC…I don’t like the new one, prefer the original, so put in a selection choice button

  • Aaron

    ewwww, I don’t like the home page.
    I like structured branched menus which are still at the top thank goodness so it’s not all that bad.

    Don’t be like Microsoft and try to make things easier for dummies which makes it more confusing and less logical for real people.

    Everything is ok but the main page is awful worthless. Making the main page the spittoon would be way better.

    Everything is too big now, I have to scroll more. I guess most of the people that use this website are old blind people :p

  • madelyn

    The new site is even more confusing than the original. And the color of the type hurts my eyes. PLEASE at least return to black script. I am having much difficulty reading the new blue.

  • David Hopkins

    The first time I tried using the redesigned site I thought it was awful. But I was wrong — it’s god-awful.
    Here are some reasons:

    1. The previous version could be readily navigated with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and this does not, leading me to believe that there was no thought about your physically handicapped users. Attempting to navigate from the home page by voice doesn’t work. Nothing happens after stating “My Results,” for example. Formerly, simply stating the desired destination (e.g., “Relative Finder”) would take the user to that page. (Navigation in some other parts of the website still do function with voice command.)

    2. Form follows function, or least ought to. Clearly, the homepage does not. Previously one could access, with one mouse click, the desired destination using the listing on the left hand side of the homepage (and others), as well. Navigating from one location to another now requires at twice as many mouse clicks. The overall look is clunky (trendy?) and inefficient.

    3. The font is oversized on a 16/9 monitor using Firefox.

    4. The extensive use of white space, combined with the font choice, leads to eyestrain. Darkening the unused lateral white space, or using a neutral background, such as ecru, would help. Or, maybe sunglasses. Also, some of the text throughout the site needs to be darkened; for example, on the “DNA Relatives” page, the very light gray text on the white background is difficult to read. The current format seems designed to discourage customers from using the site.

    In summary, please bring back speech recognition functionality, restore the left-hand menu, reduce the amount of white space, and select a more conventional font. Better yet, give users the option to use the older and more efficient format of the website if they so choose. On a positive note, the new groupings by topic makes sense, and are an improvement.

    • ScottH

      Hi David,
      Thanks for your comments. I’ve let the designers know about the issue for people with special needs who are using voice to navigate. I think that’s something they can work on. There is also a discussion on our community boards where we’re taking feedback on the site design. If you want to bring up some of these issues there. https://www.23andme.com/you/community/threads/

  • Laurie

    First the new version won’t run on my version of Internet Explorer so I had to use in Firefox. Then it opened everything in a new tab so I could only see one thing at a time. This makes it harder to write to people when you can’t see relative finder or their profile when you are writing.

    Still can’t drag the “send invitation screen” off the profile page so you can see what you want to comment on in their profile. I know I can copy the profile into a note pad and see it that way. Moving the invite screen off the page would be more user friendly.

  • FleurUK

    The new layout is non-sensical and horrible. We are intelligent people who subscribe to 23andme. So, we We require a TABLE OF CONTENTS on sign-in. A MENU – showing all the choices. So a path can be followed to the desired end. What you have is a layrinth without signposts or directions. so we can write down the route, and retrace it easily when we want to get to the same spot next time. Your new mishmash must have been designed for what you thought were the “touch-screen people” jumping all over with no directions.

  • Judy Hawman

    Your new layout is horrible. I thought your old site was fair but this is awful. It is hard to find what you are looking for. The loading time for the pages is so slow. I timed it and it takes a minute to load the information. I didn’t think you could make the site worse but you found a way to make it totally user Unfriendly!

  • pinemtn

    Why not leave well enough alone???? The old page, had everything right there under our nose, all in a neat concise format in a list on the left of the page. Worked just great!!!!! It does not have to be colored, in different shaped fancy boxes , to be able to find it with ease. PLEASE go back to the one that is easy to use.
    You are getting just like Ancestry. Once you finally get familiar with the steps, they go an change it. We have to spend too much time learning new ways, and this takes away from our research time. You may think it is “prettier” but we just want it to be functional and quick and easy. Think of what we want, not what you think looks pretty. Research has shown through the years, that your first thought us usually the best.
    I have recommended you to a lot of people, but am changing my mind now. I thought you had something going –an easy to use site, now that is gone. And I will not be recommending you to others. Surely hope you get rid of the ” dumb changes. “

    • Susan Solomon

      I agree with your point. With the list of options on the left as it used to be, you could see every option without a drop down box. Also, the drop down box is crowded by the survey info on the right that covers up one of the boxes, so you not only have to get a drop down box, but then scroll to the right and back to the left to see all of them. This issue of someone’s idea of a ‘better design’ is going on all over the web. My yahoo is no better than it ever was, actually it’s worse, and they change it all the time. Newer photoshops are significantly more complicated than the older versions, and I’m using Mac Garageband from 2009 because it’s ten times better than the newer versions, which designers admit. (They say they tailored the newer versions to younger audiences with more colors and pictures etc, so your viewing space, for one thing, is a third smaller.

  • Susan Solomon

    I’m noticing that you used to be able to scroll through the health traits on the report page, by clicking ‘next’ at the top. Now you can’t. There is no ‘next’ option, so you have to go to the report for, say, ‘eye color’ and then go back to the previous page to go to the next topic, click on report again to see the page with the reports, then go back to the previous page etc. It’s awful. Especially if you have a family with several people and you want to scroll through the items on the report page so you can compare genes all the way along. Please put back the ability to scroll through the items on the report page without having to go back all the time!

  • Dave Methvin

    First-time visitor to the site, as someone shared their profile. I created an account and the site shows they are sharing the profile, but for the life of me I cannot find a LINK to view the info. I don’t know what the site looked like before the redesign but I suspect it must have been better to navigate. The home page in particular is MUCH too busy.

    • ScottH

      Dave, Thanks for the note. If you are sharing genomes with someone you will be able to view their information in the results section. So for example if you are sharing health information when you go to My Results on the top navigation bar and then select Health Risks under the Health Overview section. You will then get a list of conditions that you have elevated risks for. There is also an option to “Show Results for” at the very top. The default is to show your results, but you can select to show the results for those who are sharing with you. The Ancestry Overview works in much the same way, so if you select Ancestry Composition your data will appear but you will have the option to show the results for others with whom you are sharing. Here’s a link to learn more about sharing.

  • Ya this is really excellent thought..The new layout of site is not understandable to everyone it has little bit of confusion and even more confusing than the original..The first time I tried using the redesigned site I thought it was awesome. But I was wrong – it’s god-awesome..

  • bob reilly

    My question is , on the side of the ancestry compostion will be the sample size 23&me,public, total . Is 23&me my total and the public is the people that share My composition ? Then when I click details is that the amount of people with 23&me that share the same comosition . Not the precentage of each group I’m related too ?

  • Andrew

    This redesign is terrble. Why would we want to twitter our genetic results? Please give us a retro version or similar, in case we actually want to *use* the site.

  • jokuvaan

    It would be nice to have “real-time” size of the database displayed on the front page somewhere, how many people are in.

    • ScottH

      There are more than a quarter million people in our database.

  • JohnM

    Sorry, but on first impression, the new site design is terrible. I know generic rants don’t help, so here are 3 observations. I’ll start with, “I have no idea how I ended up at this blog page.” Obviously, I clicked something, but I’m not sure what. (It wasn’t the blog link, at least not on purpose.) The right solution would have been a “Feedback” button somewhere near the top. I’ll move on to, “The tab button has been used to move between fields on a form for 20 years. There’s a reason for that.” It should not take me back to the top of the page. Finally, when I scroll through results, at the end, there does not appear to be any way to get out of the results without scrolling all the way back. I kept looking for a “close” icon, without luck.

  • melissa

    Why isn’t the bog called “The Spittoon” anymore? That was such a clever name and so stinkin’ cute!

  • Frequent User

    Please return to the old layout. I have noticed that the ad for your cellphone app causes the login pad to glitch. I can no longer log in on my iPhone. It’s a crying shame that this layout was designed for ease of use but does not offer the most necessary of functions for smartphone users.