Fun Activities for DNA Day…Or Any Day!

23chromosomes2.jpgDNA Day is less that three weeks away. Here are a few activities you can do with kids (and adults!) of all ages to celebrate on April 25. If you have some other ideas, please let us know! (Note: These links will take you to websites outside the domain of The Spittoon. 23andMe is not responsible for their content.) DNA Spooling It’s easy to extract DNA from a variety of fruits and vegetables — even your own cells! Click here to read how this is a pretty close approximation of what 23andMe’s contracted lab does when you send in your saliva sample. Instructions can be found at: The GEEE! In Genome The Tech Museum of Innovation The University of Utah Genetic Science Learning Center Your Name in DNA Translate your name (or any other word) into a DNA sequence that can be represented with colored beads Make a Model of DNA
  • If you’re looking for something else to do on April 25th to mark National DNA Day, you’ll be able to give the gift of a free gene on Facebook.
    Okay it isn’t a real gene of course, but there will be up to 12 virtual genes available starting that day. Each will include a little fact about the gene and what it does, and there will be links available to find more information. We’ve got a great artist doing work on the icons for each gene so it will be fun as well as informative.
    And for those who know Facebook we promise there will be no groups to join or more information to give up !

    Thanks for the link to the Geee! in Genome by the way.

    Mike Spear
    Genome Alberta