Discovering More With 23andMe

siaka23andMe results don’t just help you learn important information about your health, your results can also uncover information about yourself that you never knew, as Siaka, one of the actors who worked on our commercial learned.

We wrote about 23andMe airing its first commercials, which featured actors that had each tested. The scripts were also written around their own results. Like a lot of customers Siaka did indeed learn some valuable health information, but in an interview after the shoot he talked about how the results gave him a broader understanding not just about himself but about all mankind.

Take a look at what he said.

His experience is a lot like many customers, who have tested with 23andMe and learned something unexpected. Whether it’s African American customers discovering their European ancestry, or other customers learning that their own ancestry isn’t so black and white, the experience of peering into your DNA can sometimes be profound.


23andMe provides genetic testing services for informational purposes; your results may or may not help you to search for or identify relatives or family members.