Try This at Home, But Only if You Must

crownfountainspitting.jpgWe don’t necessarily condone this kind of behavior, but 23andMe customer Andrew Meyer has challenged the world to a spitting contest.

In a video on his blog, former BUZZYEAH, Andrew produces the 2.5 milliliter (about a half-teaspoon) saliva sample required for 23andMe’s spit kit in 146 seconds. He claims this is a world record feat, and challenges salivators everywhere to beat it.

Two-and-a-half minutes to produce that amount of spit is indeed impressive. Most of our customers take five or 10.

23andMe admires the competitive spirit of anyone who feels compelled to make an attempt at Andrew’s record. But don’t look for us to be sponsoring any speedspitting contests any time soon. At 23andMe we believe spitting is something to be savored, like a fine wine or an evening spent perusing old copies of Molecular Biology and Evolution.

So we say, relax. Take your time. Have a few glasses of water beforehand to get the juices flowing. Put on some appropriate music (we suggest Jonathan Coulton’s “That Spells DNA”) and let nature take its course.

23andMe’s services are not a substitute for professional medical or diagnostic advice.  Always consult your physician for medical or diagnostic advice.

Photo by Nikola Zlatkovic/Flickr