23andMe and a New Paradigm for Research

As highlighted in Thomas Goetz’s new Wired article “Sergey’s Search,” 23andMe’s innovative web-based research platform is pushing Parkinson’s disease research ahead at an unprecedented pace.   With our database clocking in at 50,000 genotyped customers–a number that grows everyday–we’re poised to make exciting discoveries in many other areas. As long as we are tooting our own horn, here are some other numbers we’d like to shout from the rooftops:
  • 40 research surveys in progress
  • 29,000 customers participating in research…so far
  • 9 MILLION research questions answered
  • 650+ genome-wide association studies being run in parallel
  • 100s of genetic associations found — both replications and novel discoveries
  • Laurie Brown

    I am proud of the research that you are doing and my mother who passed away with Parkinson’s would have been proud of you too.

    Thank you!

    Laurie Brown

  • Roger

    I have completed all my surveys and I love the potential of 23andme Research. I am impatient however, because with 650+ GWAS running in parallel, I would have expected some publication already. Has 23andme Data contributed to any peer-reviewed research paper yet? If so, could links to them be provided somewhere?
    Looking forward to seeing the fruits of the ‘new paradigm for research’.


  • @ Roger

    First, thank you for participation in our research. We’re so grateful to people like you who see the potential of our work and are willing to help us out.

    There haven’t been any publications *yet*. Keep an eye on the Spittoon. We’ll let you know of any developments as soon as they happen, and of course will link you directly to the papers so that you can the research for yourself.


  • AB

    Are there are associations and correlations that look interesting that you can share at this point? (in any area, not just PD). I am not interested in peer reviewed studies, but rather the correlations found along the way.

  • Hi everyone!

    I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about this when you asked your questions about 23andMe releasing results. We were sworn to secrecy by the journal. But our first paper is out! We’re very happy to be sharing our findings, and grateful to all the users who helped make this research possible!

    Read more here: