Mac vs. PC — What Are Users Actually Like?

The popular commercials starring Justin Long and John Hodgman tapped into stereotypes, but how accurate were they? We may not be able to tell you if Mac users are more likely to be hipsters, but we did find some interesting correlations with 23andMe customers* who use Macs and with customers who use Windows. Guess right in our quiz below and you could win a prize!* Based on customers with European ancestry.
This quiz is now closed. See the answers here!
  • I have 2 comments:
    1. The last question is confusing. Since you’re asking which is NOT true if I thought all of them WERE true I clicked None of these are true because none of them being true os Not True IMHO. Whereas if I thought all of the statements were false I would click All of these are true because all of them being true is NOT true according to my beliefs. I hope that your surveys used in health and science are more clear.

    2. I thinkif you break it down there are actually 3 main categories which may befuddle your survey a bit. There are windows users that buy a Dell and never poke under the hood and there are windows users who build their own machines. Mac users IMHO are often more creative but don’t like to be bogged down w technical details and can afford to pay someone to do it for them. IBM builders are creative but like to create the environment and save some cash. Folks who buy from a store and choose IBM for cost or to fit in are a different animal than the other two types in my experience.


  • GonePostal

    Yeah…last question paradox needs fixin’.

    • Hi Kasandra and GP,

      Thank you for the feedback. We’ve modified the last question to be more clear!

  • Peacock

    I think Kassandra should get a prize for helping fix the questionnaire.

  • Peacock

    Just thinking about it, am wondering how the “results” as to Mac vs. PC have been determined. Realize that 23 and Me can see if one is a Mac or a PC user, but do not recall answering some of these questions, if any. May have answered a survey about political orientation, but do not recall surveys about asthetics or religion, most certainly not asthetics.

    I am a Socialist in the FDR sense of Socialism and a PC user. Bill Gates is a liberal philanthropist and supports social causes. The firm Steve Jobbs founded, farms out manufacturing to sweathouses in China and as far as I know, has never been engaged in philanthropic activities. Go figure, if it turns out that more Mac than PC users, identify themselves as liberal.

    Realize this comment may not be published during the contest but do hope this and like, comments, if any, will be published after the fact.

  • Gone Postal

    It’s still not right. If you ask: Which of these is true? And the answer is actually “all of them,” then selecting any of the first four responses will also be correct. Sigh.

  • Eevee

    Honestly, I’d be more interested in correlations with those of us who use neither. 🙂

  • markzero

    Wait, are you talking about Mac vs. PC, or Mac vs. Windows? Because they’re not synonymous, especially given that you can run Windows on modern Macs. And some of us run different operating systems on both.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for reading. The quiz questions themselves pertain to users of Mac vs. Windows operating systems. The title of the post simply uses “PC” to fit a phrase from the well-known commercials (and we all know who the “PC” in those commercials meant!). Those who use Windows on Mac machines will be a small enough fraction of users that it doesn’t affect the data significantly, but you are certainly correct that there are nuances not captured by the quiz.

  • kacki

    sounds like kasandra rose was overthinking the petals-conservative perhaps?

  • Amanda

    What about the users that use both

  • Leila Paul

    What was the point of the survey?

    My guess is that it was just a come-on by offering a prize. The next step is getting people to click on yes that they would like to receive promotional material.

    I’m waiting to hear if there is some rationale behind the survey.

  • toms

    What about we Linux users?

  • William

    Mac => Openiness Really?!?!? I hate to act like a fan boy — but Apple is anything but open. You have to follow their rules on development, and machine architecture. It’s more of a dictatorship then any sort of open freedom.

  • Macs are often praised for the quality of their graphics and multimedia advantages. As the first computer to feature a graphical interface,