• John Fernandez

    Interesting questions

  • mary

    the question did not state if the first born was the mothers first children are the fast born in a 2nd marrage.

  • carlos

    All I can say I’m the the younger from 11 brothers, now yet 4 dead. I think if there’s a constant in my personality is I hate to receive orders as I have passed much of my life standing stupidities. Mi familiy wasn’t a model of happiness (but what is?) and about 25 years old, I decided to live and work out of chiefs and orders. Only now I’m capable to forget, but that I think made of me a mostyly lonely man. Also, I think I have a special sense to smell stupidities from other people. In the Army I had the wisdom to pass more or less inadverted. Of course nothing of this has I think, any relation with genetics, but with pure hazard.
    Curiously, some of these people I fought once in my life now has let me some inheritance, including real state, I think too late yet to fully enjoy. Life is a strange roulette.

  • Erik Bjarling

    Sometimes parents have a “caboose baby” or a baby that occurred many years after the other siblings (either planned or accidentally). I’m thinking that a caboose baby’s personality would resemble that of an only child, especially if the older siblings were already teenagers at the time of the youngest child’s birth. This was definitely true in my case. I would be interested to see someone do research and find out more.

  • Ian Chovil

    I was the oldest by 18 months, but my sister endured a lot of abuse from me. I think the spacing of children is critical. And sibling abuse is common. They attack each other and leave scars. I’ve seen this on vacations to the Caribbean. Siblings do not get along without parental guidance. They are competing for the same resources. How this might affect their adult experience, I can only wonder. It is not documented by our culture.