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Everyone Is Related. The (Big) Data Proves It

by Kasia Bryc Earlier this month, I was at the South by Southwest conference in Austin to speak on a panel with the writer AJ Jacobs, about how interconnected we all are. But walking around the conference with such a diverse mix of people — many with their rock star cool outfits and denim jackets — ...

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Using 23andMe to Make Connections

We plead guilty to occasionally geeking out on genetics, so it’s nice to see when someone else does it too. In September, Moment Magazine got all nerdy and wrote about their Great DNA Experiment, in which they look at the 23andMe results of 15 notable Americans of Jewish ancestry and make some interesting ...

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Three Degrees of 23andMe

Shawna, one of 23andMe's customer care representatives, who has a degree in biological sciences focusing her studies on genetics, put together this video and post that illustrates the interconnectedness between all people. Enjoy. We hope it inspires your own journey through your DNA. 23andMe’s Customer ...

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Make That Three Degrees of Separation

Check out this post to see an illustration of the three degrees of separation between guests on Finding Your Roots. When we learn about our ancestors, who they were and where they came from, the discoveries become part of how we define ourselves and how we understand ourselves to be unique. The PBS series ...

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Did You Know? Ancestry is Not So Black and White

Data from the 2010 census showed that about 13% of people living in the United States self-identify as African American, but from a genetic point of view, ethnicity isn't so black and white. Most African Americans have genetic ancestry tracing back to both Africa and Europe but the exact proportion can vary ...

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