Finding Family Redux

We’ve written about Neil Schwartzman and Jolie Pearl, brother and sister who found one another through 23andMe, but we never tire of their story. CBS This Morning aired a piece about DNA testing featuring the pair and how Neil, who was adopted a few days after he was born, found not just his sister, but his mother, his father and a half-brother through 23andMe.Check it out:
  • Neil Schwartzman

    Hey! I also found my father, too!


    I experienced normal teenage angst about who I was. As a “collected” child, my experience was deepened by not having a mirroring face of familiarity. When I saw a picture of my biological father I was stunned to recognize myself for the first time. I only have a photo. I don’t know him or where he is. I hope to learn more about my deepest self in this process.

  • I have a half sister (on my father’s side) that I have never been able to find.

    Maybe I’ll get lucky and find her here?

  • Very interesting! I am glad that the family found one another. This is a great source.

  • mat

    Have you addressed the privacy concerns? The story doesn’t seem to address how Neil and Jolie’s mother feels about her story being publicized in this way. Given the likely diversity of situations, it seems inevitable that there will be birth parents who did not consent to any of this having their secrets exposed.

    • ScottH

      In this particular case, both Neil and Jolie discussed this with their mother. We received consent from them to share their story. But generally every person’s story is unique. We wouldn’t share a story about someone who does not want that information public.