The Origins of the Forest-Dwelling African Pygmies

March 05, 2009
Once distributed throughout tropical Africa, Pygmies now live in pockets of the continent’s rainforest. Africa is home to a number of dwindling hunter-gatherer populations, most of them living deep in...
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23andMe Scientists Offer Solution to Apparent Mutation Rate Discrepancy

November 18, 2008
This guest post is by Brenna Henn, a doctoral student in Stanford University’s Department of Anthropology and a 23andMe consultant. Brenna studies human evolution using genetic information. Her interests include...
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The Origins of Pastoralism in Africa: What do the Genes Say

August 04, 2008
By Brenna HennA Nilotic-speaking pastoralist from Tanzania / Sarah A. TishkoffGenes are just one component that children inherit from their parents. Throughout much of human history, especially when populations consisted...
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