Study Finds Genetic Information Has Done Little to Increase Tolerance of Mental Illness

September 02, 2008
Biomedical research conducted in the last decade has impressed upon society that mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, alcohol dependence and major depression can have genetic bases. Unfortunately, the public’s scientific...
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A Genetic Variation Associated with Telomere Length

August 26, 2008
MrPumpernickel / www.instructables.comThe daily rigors of tying and untying would soon render our shoelaces frayed and useless if it weren’t for those protective plastic aglets on the ends. Roughly the...
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SNPwatch: Focusing on a Gene Variant that Might Help Counter Cigarette Cravings

August 20, 2008
Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States – every year it kills nearly 440,000 Americans. While about 70 percent of the 45 million Americans...
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The Rest of the Iceberg

August 19, 2008
In a recent post we used an analysis of Craig Venter’s genome to illustrate how much has yet to be learned about the relationship between genetic variation and health-related traits.A...
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Defrosted Disappointment

August 19, 2008
Despite CNET’s assertion last week that Bigfoot couldn’t possibly be a hoax because people always bring their A game to Palo Alto, the carcass in the ice has turned out...
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Genetic Variant May Increase Risk for Anxiety Disorders

August 10, 2008
In the movie Batman Begins, young Bruce Wayne attends the opera with his parents and becomes increasingly uncomfortable at the costumes that remind him of the bats he had encountered...
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Learning from Dog Eye Disorders

August 07, 2008
Dogs have served humans as guards, guides, retrievers, shepherds and companions for more than 10,000 years. Now geneticists are enlisting their help in another task – identifying the genetic roots...
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The Olympic Games and Genes

August 05, 2008
Just two weeks before the scheduled start of the Beijing Olympics, a German film crew caught a Chinese doctor on film offering to give athletes stem cell treatments to enhance...
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Needles in a Haystack

July 31, 2008
Even as the genetic studies on schizophrenia released this week illustrate our progress toward the ultimate goal of personalized medicine, they also bring to mind the challenges that still lie...
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Victor McKusick: 1921-2008

July 24, 2008
“Sometimes I feel like Sir James Murray must have felt while he was grubbing away at writing the Oxford English Dictionary,” the Washington Post once quoted Victor McKusick as saying....
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