Ancestral Traits

April 17, 2012
Just as jazz greats Harry Connick Jr. and Brandon Marsalis wondered, in the first segment of the PBS series Finding Your Roots, whether they had musical ancestors, you too might wonder where you got your penchant for painting or your bright blue eyes. Perhaps that trait you share with someone in your family tree comes from a little shared DNA.
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New genetic variants found to influence risk of hypothyroidism

April 13, 2012
Hypothyroidism has recently gained "celebrity" status, yet not much is known about the genetics of this condition. Recently 23andMe's published a study highlighting several novel genetic factors discovered through our web-based, participatory research.
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We’ve Come A Long, Long Way Together… But We’re Not There Yet!

February 27, 2012
With our rare disease research initiatives for sarcoma and myeloproliferative neoplasms, patients from all over the world can contribute directly to research and connect with others who have their disease, all while learning more about themselves and their genetics. We’re amazed at the progress these initiatives have made, but there’s still a long way to go. With Rare Disease Day this week, we hope you’ll help us spread the word to encourage participation in our innovative research efforts for rare disease.
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Studies of Extreme Longevity Extremely Challenging

February 16, 2012
Last month we wrote about the challenging search for genetic influences on human longevity, touching on two of the most recent studies as examples of how elusive solid findings have been. Here, we review the latest genetic findings on longevity and conduct follow-up analyses in the 23andMe database. What we found indicates there's still a long way to go in defining a predictive genetic model for longevity.
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Seeking the Secrets of the Super Long-Lived

January 26, 2012
Early explorers searched the globe for the mythical “fountain of youth,” and now scientists are turning that exploration inward to look at the genomes of people who’ve lived especially long lives. But studies on the genetic and non-genetic factors impacting longevity have turned up mixed results, and the latest studies looking at the genetic factors lead to more questions than answers.
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See You at the 2012 Personalized Medicine World Conference!

January 23, 2012
The 4th annual Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC) begins today at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley. Stop by 23andMe's booth to take home free schwag, learn more about our Personal Genome Service and research efforts, and order a kit. Mention the secret word "WeSearch" to take home a free t-shirt!
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The Ancestry Link For Atrial Fibrillation Risk

January 18, 2012
Atrial fibrillation is more common in people of European descent than in African Americans despite the fact that African Americans as a whole tend to have higher rates of hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. The reason may be partly genetic.
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Being a Part of Personalized Medicine

January 12, 2012
Last week, we announced the winner of our essay contest for a free ticket to this month’s Personalized Medicine World Conference. Today, we feature an essay by finalist Nicole Mosher, who is just beginning her scientific career.
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Personalizing Medicine to Relieve Healthcare Disparities

January 09, 2012
Today, we feature an essay by Jetaime Ross, an aspiring genetic counselor who is passionate about resolving healthcare disparities. Jetaime was a finalist in our PMWC Essay Contest.
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23andMe Meet and Greet Tuesday December 20th

December 16, 2011
Calling all Bay Area locals! Would you like to get a personal introduction to personal genetics? Meet some of the people behind the company and the product? Stock up on...
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