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Ancestry at 23andMe: Sheridan’s Got Relatives

We’ve been following Sheridan’s* journey through the ancestry features at 23andMe over the last few weeks. Because she was adopted with no record of her biological parents, every piece of information has been eye-opening for her. So far, she’s learned that her maternal haplogroup is H2a, meaning that her ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: Sheridan’s Global Origins

In her first ancestry foray, Sheridan* learned about her Maternal Line. Through her friend Mesut, she also learned about the Paternal Line feature. But these analyses only told her about a tiny part of her DNA. Other features at 23andMe use DNA contained in the other 22 pairs of chromosomes -- called ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: Introducing Sheridan

Meet Sheridan*. She's a 27 year old female who signed up for 23andMe during one of our sales. Adopted at eight months, she has no information about her biological roots and the adoption agency has no records other than where she was found -- on the steps of a church in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia. She ...

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Ancestry at 23andMe: What Can You Learn?

Genetic testing is not a concept that most people encounter outside of popular TV shows and so when you hear about services such as 23andMe’s, you might be wondering what exactly it is you’re getting. Even after you’ve signed up and have your data back, you might not know where to start exploring or how to ...

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23andMe Labs Kicks Off With Haplogroup Tree Mutation Mapper

The 23andMe Personal Genome Service™ offers information about customers' maternal and paternal ancestry by examining their mitochondrial DNA (which we all inherit from our mothers) and the Y chromosome (which is passed by fathers to their sons). Over our species' history new genetic variations have arisen ...

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Try This at Home, But Only if You Must

We don't necessarily condone this kind of behavior, but 23andMe customer Andrew Meyer has challenged the world to a spitting contest. In this video on his blog, BUZZYEAH, Andrew produces the 2.5 milliliter (about a half-teaspoon) saliva sample required by 23andMe in 146 seconds. He claims this is a world ...

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