genetics 101

History’s Mysteries: Finding Answers in our DNA

February 24, 2009
As we have shown time and again here at the Spittoon, our DNA can greatly illuminate the lives of our most ancient ancestors.   We’ve learned how the ancient Phoenicians...
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The Evolution of a Theory: Darwin and Evolution 150 Year Later

February 12, 2009
Biology has changed a lot over the past 150 years. Scientists have discovered entirely new forms of life, deciphered the molecular code of heredity and observed the machinery of life...
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Cereal Killer: The Tragic Tale of a Fatal Statistical Flaw

January 14, 2009
Pop Quiz: What do women who eat cereal for breakfast each morning have in common? They get a full day’s supply of 11 essential vitamins and minerals. They enjoy better...
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Past DNA Day Essays Reveal Student Misconceptions About Genetics

November 25, 2008
For many people, the first and last place they will ever study genetics is high school biology class. So it is crucial that these classes prepare people to deal with...
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DNA Day Essay Contest 2009

November 24, 2008
Even though there are still 152 days to go until DNA Day 2009, it’s never too early for high school students to start thinking about next year’s essay contest. The...
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Human Prehistory 101: The Newest Video Series from 23andMe!

November 11, 2008
When 23andMe launched last November, we set out to make genetics accessible to everyone — not just the experts.   So we created a series of education videos called Genetics...
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Plus ca change … The Mystery of Ultraconserved Elements

October 02, 2008
Before efforts to sequence the human genome began, scientists thought they’d find about 100,000 protein coding genes in the three billion bases pairs of DNA that are found in almost...
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What it Means to be Human

September 24, 2008
What is it about humans that distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom?   Is it our upright walking?   Our language?   Our love of Reality TV?...
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More than Just a Parable: The Genetic History of the Samaritans

September 05, 2008
Upon hearing the name “Samaritans,” many people are immediately reminded of the famous passage from the Gospel of Luke (10: 25-37), the so called ‘Good Samaritan’ parable. Jesus tells of...
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Everywhere You Look, There’s DNA!

September 01, 2008
A few of our favorite tributes to the stuff of life: [minislides] For more, check out The DNA mania Pool! Credits: 1) flickr/maria_keays 2) flickr/yananine 3) flickr/snickclunk 4) flickr/mikewade 5)...
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