23andMe offers the most comprehensive genetic ancestry service on the market. See how your DNA connects you to people and places around the world.

23andMe’s features like Ancestry Composition, DNA Relatives, and Ancestry Timeline offers the best DNA test with the most comprehensive ancestry breakdown. The Ancestry + Traits service includes 80+ personalized reports, Ancestry percentages (to the 0.1%) and more than 1500 geographic regions.

The 23andMe Ancestry Algorithm Gets an Upgrade

October 21, 2020
23andMe has updated our Ancestry Composition analysis that will improve the accuracy, as well as reduce the amount of “unassigned” and non-specific ancestry assignments for our customers.
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Celebrate your Ancient DNA with a New Neanderthal Report

April 23, 2020
23andMe customers can celebrate their ancient DNA with a New Neanderthal Report, where they'll find new trait associations, and new features to share their results.
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23andMe’s Take on Irish Trivia

March 15, 2020
For St. Patrick's Day 23andMe looks at Irish ancestry, where in Ireland customers Irish ancestors lived, and where in the United States customers with recent Irish ancestry live.
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Taking a Leap Into My DNA: Part III

March 11, 2020
In the third part of her series writer Amanda McCorquodale explains what it's like to explore your DNA using 23andMe to learn about your ancestry.
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23andMe’s Latest Feature Automates Genetic Family Trees

February 28, 2020
Using your genetics and a new algorithm, 23andMe's new Family Tree, will automatically start your tree based with your DNA relatives and predict how you might be connected to them, so you don’t have to start from scratch.
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After the Click: How a mother and her son fostered a new family relationship

February 20, 2020
After connecting through 23andMe, Doug and his birth mother Patricia worked hard to build a new family relationship. They spent time together and got to know each other and each other's their loved ones.
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What is “French & German” Ancestry?

February 06, 2020
Dig a little deeper into French & German ancestry with these five short stories about the genetic history of Western Europe, from the Celts to Charlemagne.
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What is Austronesian ancestry?

January 16, 2020
23andMe's Ancestry Composition includes the population "Filipino & Austronsian," reflecting the ancestral connection to the indigenous seafaring people who spread out from what is now Taiwan to islands across the Pacific beginning 5,000 years ago.
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23andMe’s Latest Ancestry Service Adds Diversity and New Features

October 01, 2019
The most comprehensive DNA ancestry test just got better. 23andMe's Ancestry Service adds more regions, an automated family tree tool, and trait reports.
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Why 23andMe Loves Neanderthals, And You Should Too

July 12, 2019
Modern humans and Neanderthals hail from a common ancestor, and non-Africans have some fraction of Neanderthal DNA. That overlapping history explains some of the things we have in common with our ancient human cousins.
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