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Sharing and Protecting Your Genetic Information

By James Rathmell, 23andMe Privacy Fellow Our mission at 23andMe is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. One way we do this is by giving community members the ability to connect with distant and close genetic relatives with our sharing tools. We have two main tools you can use ...

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Know Your Family Health History

When managing your own health, it helps to know your history, or more specifically your family health history. You don’t just inherit your good looks from your parents or those who came before you. Sometimes, serious health conditions are passed down through the generations. Both common and rare diseases ...

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Brain Game

We assume that, like a knife dulled by repeated use, as we age our brain loses the sharp edge of youth, but the truth is more complicated than that. Some brain functions get worse; some get better. Looking to add another layer of data for scientists studying the relationship between genetics, aging and ...

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Updates to 23andMe Paternal Haplogroup Assignments

With the holiday season upon us, 23andMe is sprucing up its paternal haplogroup tree! With 23andMe population geneticist and Y-chromosome expert David Poznik at the lead, we’ve updated our Haplogroups Report to reflect significant developments in the field over the past few years. We’re also excited to ...

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In A Heartbeat

A team of researchers found more than 60 genetic variants associated with resting heart rate, a known predictor of overall mortality. In the new study published in the journal Nature Genetics, the researchers, led by scientists from the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands, noted that ...

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The African Genetics Project

To enhance its research and enrich its customer experience, 23andMe is launching the  African Genetics Project, recruiting people who emigrated from, or whose parents emigrated from several specific countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Africa is the birthplace of all humanity, and its people are the most ...

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