23andMe Takes First Step Toward FDA Clearance

July 30, 2012
Today 23andMe announced that we’ve submitted our first round of 510(k) documentation to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Being the first in the industry to announce we are actively working toward FDA clearance of our direct-to-consumer service demonstrates our commitment to make personal genetics an integral part of routine healthcare without sacrificing people’s right to access information about themselves.
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23andMe and Adoptees at the San Francisco Giants Game!

July 23, 2012
There’s nothing a summer ball game and this Tuesday’s Giants vs. Padres game is particularly special -- it’s the first-ever “Adoptee Night” with the San Francisco Giants, a fundraiser for the Mixed Roots Foundation. 23andMe is proud to be the presenting sponsor of Adoptee Night. Come find us at the game as we cheer on the Giants!
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Announcing 23andMe’s First Patent

May 28, 2012
23andMe has a substantial research arm with more than 20 scientists dedicated to making meaningful discoveries that will improve the lives of all of us. We do not want our discoveries to just be an academic pursuit -- we want to meaningfully improve lives. Our first patent is an important step in ensuring that we’ve done all we can towards successful translation of a promising discovery in Parkinson's disease.
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Understanding Sharing at 23andMe

April 23, 2012
Today’s post explains what “Sharing Genomes” means at 23andMe, describes several points to consider when sharing, and introduces some exciting new developments in sharing at 23andMe.
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DNA Day: Educate and Celebrate

April 20, 2012
We at 23andMe have a special place in our hearts for National DNA Day, and we’re teaming up with the Khan Academy to celebrate!
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The method behind the Relative Finder tool

April 19, 2012
This month, 23andMe published a new article describing the nuts and bolts behind our innovative Relative Finder tool. Primary author Brenna Henn discusses what the findings mean for our notion of "relatives" and explores the many special features of the 23andMe database.
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PDGene Enters the Scene for Parkinson’s Research

April 18, 2012
A recent paper in PLoS Genetics describes the most comprehensive Parkinson's disease research database to date. 23andMe contributed to this new database with the help of the many active participants in our Parkinson’s disease research community.
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Exomes — The First of Many!

March 31, 2012
Six months ago, we announced our Exome 80X pilot project. Today, we delivered our first batch of exome data to the earliest project participants, an important milestone in the development of our platform.
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Health Watch: New Year’s Resolutions, Reproduction and Rare Diseases

March 21, 2012
Like many people around the world, the health content team at 23andMe rang in 2012 with resolutions of staying healthy and it seemed fitting to delve into the genetics underlying...
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Thank You For Helping to Fight Rare Disease!

March 02, 2012
On Monday we kicked off a campaign for Rare Disease Day to raise awareness of research, especially into two rare diseases, myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN) and sarcoma. We hoped to reach...
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