Are You A Poet? Let Us Know It (and Win a Prize)!

December 22, 2010
Passionate about personalized medicine? Fascinated by new technologies? The 3rd annual acclaimed Personalized Medicine World Conference is just around the corner, and YOU could win a free pass! 23andMe, a...
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23andMe Launches Its First NIH Funded Study

December 16, 2010
  By Amy Kiefer and Kim Barnholt 23andMe is excited to announce the launch of our first National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research project. In  the fall of 2010,...
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Holiday Sale Extended Through Christmas!

November 30, 2010
The holidays just got a bit happier. Our holiday sale price of $99 plus a 12-month subscription to our Personal Genome Service for just $5 per month will now be...
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Happy Holidays — We’re Having a Huge Sale!

November 26, 2010
This should make you feel a little more festive. We are offering our DNA testing for only $99! Taking advantage of this great price requires a 12-month subscription to our...
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23andMe & Navigenics’ Open Letter to Nature

November 18, 2009
The following is a joint letter addressing the Opinion piece by Pauline C. Ng, Sarah S. Murray, Samuel Levy and J. Craig Venter that appeared in the October 8, 2009...
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A New Way to View Your Data

October 10, 2008
23andMe is always looking for ways not just to give our customers more data, but to help them better understand their genetic information and what it means for them. This...
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Sharing is Good

September 12, 2008
23andMe is all about empowering you to really get to know your own DNA. But we also have tools that let you share and compare your data with family and...
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23andMe Welcomes Continued Dialogue with Regulators

August 26, 2008
By 23andMe founders Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki.23andMe Co-Founder Linda Avey. Personal genomics is an emerging field, and we were aware, when we first started the company, that we would challenge...
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A Matter of Motivation

August 16, 2008
The following post is by Esther Dyson, a director at 23andMe and investor in numerous private aviation, space and health care ventures, including PatientsLikeMe. Last weekend I attended Science Foo...
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Capitol Hill, Health IT, and a movie

July 11, 2008
Yesterday 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey and I spent a muggy day on Capitol Hill, meeting with the staff of various senators and representatives, and thanking them for passing the Genetic...
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